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Yoga and its predisposed position in life


If people sitting on Yoga Mats in seemingly impossible and weirdly twisted positions is the image that comes to your mind when you hear the word “Yoga” than you happen to be bereft of the knowledge of what Yoga actually is and the kind of impact it has on your life.

Yaga and life 1
As has been conveyed about a number of thousand of times on various platforms – the word ‘Yoga’ has a Sanskrit Origin from the word ‘Yuj’, i.e., to ‘Yoke’ the spirit and the physical body together, to hitch, fasten or attach.

The article aims to answer the question of Yoga’s predisposed position in each and every soul’s life and why it should not be a thing to be ignored or left out of you jam-packed schedule or day-to-day life. Most of us are accustomed to looking outsides of ourselves for fulfillment. We are living in a world that conditions us to believe that outer attainments are exactly what will lead us to what we actually want from life. Yet again and again, with passage of time, our experiences have shown us that nothing external can really fulfill the longing within for ‘Something more’. The line ‘We are caught up in doing rather than being, in action rather than awareness’ puts it in correct perspective. Instead of directing these curiosities and energies outwards … how about directing them inwards through Yogic Techniques to see how that blooms up the entirety of our existence?

Yoga and Life 2
Yoga isn’t merely a belief or a tradition of sorts or restrictive to just be spiritual, in fact, Yoga is a science that has been practiced since hundreds of thousands of years. It is majorly based on ancient theories, observations and principles about the connection of physique of the body and psych of mind which is now even being proven by modern sciences.  In today’s hush-through and stress-stricken environment, Yoga, through its Asanas, Pranayams and meditation (Dhyan) helps one become more aware of their body postures, alignments, pattern of movements, inner contentment and ability to harmonize with the environment. It helps you stay fit, boosts your energy, makes you happier and makes one feel more at ease and in peace with life.

Yoga and life 3
While the involvement of Nervous System remains common for both Yoga and other Physical Exercises, what sets Yoga apart and above is slow, dynamic and static movements that make breathing even resulting into a more relaxed state of mind and body. It normalizes muscles tones and has low risk of energy as compared to other Physical exercises. To top it off – Yogic indulgences open up limitless possibilities for growth in Self-Awareness, thus increasing the coordination of mind with practicality and sensitivity of life.

Yoga and life 4

Undoubtedly, Yoga does wonders on the Psychological basis, be it the stress relief through deep breathing and stretches or the motivation one inhibits while doing Yoga of attaining a level of energy higher than those who don’t practice Yoga. A body needs proper stamina to glow always and a set of gentle exercises of yoga helps in the accomplishment of this goal miraculously. With regular, even if slow paced betterment at Yogic Exercises, the body gets more athletic and gives the feeling of physical prowess. The ancient method makes the brain work at a higher level, thus, enhancing mental clarity leading to enhanced concentration and sharpness of memory which collectively fetches wellness & health. Sure enough, in today’s extremely competitive world where the race is amongst people competing neck-to-neck, a body in great shape and stable mind, flowing with unbridled energy is steps further than others in terms of creative instincts and insights. Yoga has emerged out to be the key towards the attainment of best version of oneself, to a version of self superior than what it is at present.
Furthermore, the Physiologically Yoga doesn’t just improve posture and strength but also integrates the functionality of various body parts. It improves balance and increases immunity along with improvement in pulse and blood pressure. The eye-hand coordination and reaction time also increases manifolds. The highlight is that you need not be a certain age, height or weight to start practicing Yoga – anyone can do it be it a little girl of 5 or an old granny aged lady or even a young or wheelchair bound person. There is a Yoga type for everyone, one just needs to find the most appropriate Yoga type for them and then commit to its regular practice in order to see the gradual but evident changes. Every time you practice yoga, you have the chance to reclaim part of yourself that you don’t always have easy access to. It might be physical, mental, or emotional. The inner life of the soul becomes as familiar, real, and tangible as our body, thoughts, or feelings, and with this awareness our life becomes deeply enriched. We start to reclaim parts of ourselves that before were left to exist in the shadows of our personality structures, draining energy, confidence, and flow from us as we tried to make our way through life.

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  1. Love to see the manner in which the author has stroked the cord making it clear the ordinance of yoga’s place in life and how its best if they’re incorporated together to make best out of everything. Looking forward to more post

  2. That was a beautiful read. Yoga for mind is the solution for this world. Would love more post’s like this ! 🙂

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