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Yoga Basics


Well a lot of now know about the benefits of doing Yoga, thanks to the west and our obliviousness that we realize the strength of our own assets when somebody else applauds it! Nonetheless now that we have understood its importance we should now start implementing it. Yoga is not an exercise or routine habit but a lifestyle, mental institution and relaxation. The most common tendency towards practicing yoga is finding it very difficult. On the contrary it is not difficult at all if you follow it correctly and practice as guided. The whole purpose of writing this article is to remove the fear that people give birth to which can easily be removed by just start doing it properly.

Yoga and life 3
For all those who still don’t know where this world has come from, “Yoga” is a Sanskrit word and it means Summation/ Union. The irony is that we don’t unite with this very ancient practice of our culture! I should have renamed the heading of this article as back to basics.
What happens when you have all sorts of creams, foundations, toners, masks, gels and scrubbers all decorated beautifully in your cupboard or dressing table and you suddenly realize that you are aging before you actually should. Well check on the latest trends and don’t think of magic being the reason when you see your favorite celebrities being so young for years. From Hollywood to Bollywood most of the celebrities have gone the Indian way, the Yoga way. It is the cheapest and the wisest solution to any mental, physical and spiritual problem.
Want to learn some simple Yoga Asanas for a glowing skin. Here are 5 useful Asanas for you:
Asana #1
The Breathing Exercise
The easiest and the quickest one to learn is the breathing exercise. Hold your breath on counts rejuvenates your mind. This cures your skin and makes it beautiful. A simple 8-step list to this exercise is:
1) Put your Yoga mat at a comfortable location in your house and sit on it cross-legged.
2) Relax and close your eyes and breathe.
3) Take a deep breath through your nostrils and count till 10.
4) And then hold your breath for a count of 10.
5) Again counting on 10, release your breath.
6) Repeat this 5-10 times.

Asana #2
Halasana (The Plough Pose)
1) The first step is to lie down comfortably on your Yoga mat and put your arms by your side with the palms towards the floor.
2) Form a right angle between your lower and upper torso with your legs moving up slowly. Push the floor with your hands such that it helps you to lift your legs up. And relax.
3) Keep moving your legs towards your upper torso and lift your hips slowly off the floor. Continue lifting your legs even beyond your head as much as possible, aim being to touch the floor with your toes.
4) Now lift your back to the extent that only your head and your shoulder is lying or resting on the floor.
5) After your back has shaped like an arch. The shape of your spine has to be straightened. Breathing normally will be done post the above mentioned step.
6) Remain in this posture for 15-20 seconds before you return to normal position.

Asana #3
Uttanasana (Standing Forward Bend)
Only if your hamstrings are tight, will you find to do a forward bend. And if you have one then you can always warm up before Yoga. The benefits being, fighting free radicals, oxygen flow, renewal of skin and a glow on your face.

Asana #4
Utkatasana (Chair Pose)
You must have observed this Asana as a punishment position in schools. On a serious note standing in chair position helps your fastens your heart beat and blood flow circulation in the body. This causes our skin pores to open up and sweat the unwanted. Also since chair position includes stretching of your muscles, stretching and lengthening of legs happens along.

Asana #5
Viparita Karani (Legs Up the Wall Pose)
Well this one I agree is a little one and not everyone would be able to do it successfully in the first attempt(Ladies don’t try this during your periods). Interestingly Headstand and Shoulderstand respectively are called king and queen of Asanas, therefore a person not practicing Yoga for a long time should not attempt it and if attempting it then it should be under guided supervision. The benefits of this Asana are also many like increasing the blood flow till the face, sweating, proper breathing and a focused mind. All these help in cleaning out our body. These are solutions to a lot of problems like digestion and insomnia etc.

So don’t you think you just have to do a “Theory into Practice” act? It seems difficult but it is not that and the technique is to start doing from the simple ones and then conquer the kings and the queens. It is very useful and has multiple benefits to the health and beauty, taking a little pain is completely worth it!

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