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Workout, as Per your Body Type


Lean bottom or pear shaped, apple shape or a perfect your glass. Indian women are blessed with varied body shapes. Some are voluptuous, some skinny. Every body beautiful in its own way, but still we require a little help to polish the frames and get that,envious shape.. You maybe square-shaped, apple-shaped or pear-shaped, Knowing your body shape will help you to choose what clothes to buy and which parts of your body to show off. Learning about the individual shapes and comparing your body type to each one will enable you to figure out which classic shape most closely matches your own. Here’s how:


APPLE SHAPED BODY TYPE: Apple shaped bodies are those who have leaner bottoms and heavy upper body. If you have an apple-shaped body, it is a serious concern as vicennial fat leads to heart diseases. Start adding cardio intervals to your weight training regime. Practice compound moves, and add core-training exercises to these moves.

Yoga and strength- training can help you acquire a firmer core, and knock off fat around the waistline. Apple-shaped women carry much of their body fat in their mid-section. But the best way to burn fat from the mid-section is to burn fat from all over the body. So this apple routine includes plenty of calorie-burning cardio. Besides adding some extra core-shaping exercises, we’ll also emphasize heavy lower body muscle-building to help balance out the top half. Having an apple shaped body, you might think that attention need only be paid to the areas where fat has accumulated, while ignoring the worry-free zones. But leg exercises like squats and deadlifts, pressing movements such as the bench press and overhead press, jumping, and sprinting are imperative to cut that apple down. Train your entire body as a symbiotic unit in a way that induces fat-burning and muscle-gaining tendencies. Weightlifting, jumping and sprinting exercises, in addition to nutrition and mental toughness, are mandatory ingredients for your body transformation.


PEAR SHAPED BODY TYPE: Pear shaped bodies are leaner upper body and heavy bottoms. Most Indian women are pear shaped. Cardio exercises help burn calories as long as you do them regularly. Whereas on the other hand you can do strength training that burns calories for up to 48 hours after you have performed the exercise. So if you want to lose fat from lower body you have to do weight training at least thrice a week. Just make sure your workouts are intense and not a waste of time and energy. Lift weights using compound moves and add bursts of cardio exercise in between. This way you will burn more fat and tone up faster.

Cardio exercises are a must for women, who want to tone their pear shaped bodies. 60 minutes of cardio exercises must be done several days a week for beneficial results. More calories can be burned by incorporating interval training at least once a week to the exercise program.


Muscle tissues burn more number of calories than fat. For reducing weight, you should focus on whole body workouts. You should do weight training exercises or cardio bursts 2 to 3 times a day. Use heavier hand weights.

Before starting the cardio spurts and whole body weight training exercises, warm yourself for 3 to 5 minutes. You can do 12 reps of each exercise. The whole body cardio sculpting workouts are excellent fat burner.

HOURGLASS BODY TYPE: Perform easy exercises as you font have to target an area. Start moving around. Use stairs instead of elevators. To firm tour lower extremities do squats. If you have ankle weights, strape them to ankles and perform leg raises sideways. Hold the ankle weight in your hand while you do lunges. Do wall-sits. Carry resistance bands and do biceps and shoulder workouts.

Hourglass figures tend to be reasonably well balanced, and can adapt to most types of training. Cross training, cycling, running and rowing are all great forms of cardiovascular or aerobic exercise for the hourglass.

If you are an overweight hourglass shape, however, you may not want to start with running at the onset of your training because of potential joint strain and injury – ankles, knees and lower back are most vulnerable.

Cycling and rowing are both great ways to increase fitness while blasting calories, and as your fitness improves you can start to up the intensity and run if you wish. Remember, a lot of cardiovascular work will help strip away excess weight, so as you start to see a slimmer you emerge, think about reducing the cardiovascular work and building up resistance work to shape your shape!

Yoga and Pilates can enhance your curves by trimming the waist area and giving long lean muscles, and they are also a good de-stress option if you have been working hard at your cardiovascular training.


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