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It’s a Wonderful World


If god knew of the invention of internet when he created the world, maybe he wouldn’t have cared as much about it’s detailing. Wings of the butterfly would have been plain because there was no one to notice them, night sky would have been blank because there was no one to lie under it and people would have been boring because there was no one to have fun with them. Elders walk in the parks where children once used to play, teen groups have shifted from outside homes to on whatsapp. From the closest friend to the farthest galaxy, everything is there on the internet. But still… Something’s missing…

People have got busy; with work, movies, facebook, cell phones and what not. People have become isolated. Interactions are now on internet connections, outdoor games are played as online games and every possible attempt is made to avoid stepping outside. Technology created for recreation of man has recreated man into someone incapable of interaction. Which was once termed as fun is now termed ‘time pass’ and it’s internet and television that have become dominant. Let alone playing a sport or planning an outing, people are now reluctant to even gather together. Everybody craves to know what is happening around the world, but no one is willing to discuss it. From being about ‘us’, this world has suddenly become about ‘I’

Everyone knows it’s important to be in the natural environment – if not exciting, it’s refreshing to be away from all your stress and in a peaceful surrounding. Everyone on facebook or tumblr have at least once gone through such a quote written over a beautiful image. The surprising thing is there are more likers to such images than followers. They need to test for themselves that a mild breeze feels better than an Air Conditioner, an image may only leave you awe-struck, but a sight can leave you breathless. These facilities do provide entertainment, but at the cost of little joys of the world. Enjoying a rainbow, journey of a road trip, witnessing a sunset and the sky starlit. These are the moments when nature laughs at technology. That it can provide us for free what technology can’t for hoards of money!

Step Out

And while the joys of world can leave us breathless, the joys of technology can leave us health less. Watching television or scrolling down the computer screen can result in two possibilities only, obesity or diabetes. Eating a lot while watching a lot helps you put on a lot of weight and then a lot of diseases. The only answer is exercise, which both obese or diabetic people dread to do. It’s their choice if they prefer burning 90 calories an hour by sitting and watching television or 563 calories an hour by cycling or running. Apart from disease protection, fresh air also helps in better circulation of blood. Meanwhile stepping out for sports has innumerable benefits such as helping a person stay fit and physically active, building stamina etc. Hence, once you step outside the doors there are plenty of ways to live healthy. But again, once you step out!

Another major issue that excessive use of technology has given rise to is the lack of personal communication. Be it free time or a holiday, no one wants to even consider the idea of interaction with others and are content to spend it alone confined in a world of their own. Online communication through facebook or whatsapp has become the preferred mode of communication for dearest neighbours as well as closest friends. Obviously, when you can access the world with a click, why access the neighbour with a knock? Facebook has become a hub for meeting new people, there are sites even willing to find you a life partner. Outings or gatherings are rarely organized and with no friends there to talk nonsense to, the fun is disappearing. The fun there was in hanging out together going through different life experiences. There are not only joys in the outer world, there are other people too, as lonely and as satisfied with their lifestyle as others. That is because none of them has any idea what a great experience it is to meet other people, have fun ,share experiences, jokes, stories. Yes all that can be done via online communication but smiling faces convey a lot more than smilies.


And although it may seem hard to imagine but some people do have what it takes to shut down the computer and step outside to appreciate the wonderful world around them. While some are busy searching exquisite places for future, some are busy exploring them presently. It’s your own choice whom you choose to relish, the creator of the world or the creator of the world wide web. Those who enjoy the world have events to look forward to: The next meeting with friends, the coming weekend road trip, the dark clouds making their way. They have the world providing them a reason to be happy every now and then. Those who enjoy the world wide web have information to look forward to: Countless quotes, countless jokes, countless facts; but still… Something’s missing… Life’s missing.

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