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What Women look for in Men?



Ever wondered what it takes to impress the woman of your dreams? Or what it takes to bring your dream girl out of your dream and make her your girl? It’s a common notion that women are complicated. Well, I don’t know to what extent that holds true but here are some among the many things that a woman will expect from her man!

A sense of humour:

Who doesn’t like to have a good laugh or two from time to time that help to brighten up a dull day? A woman is no different. A sense of humour is something that women admire in men and is definitely something they would look for in their own men. So boys, if you want to impress her, you better be good at cracking a joke and putting a smile on that pretty face!



Though all women may not be the romantic type themselves, they definitely do expect at least a little bit of this trait in their men. A romantic outing like maybe a candle light dinner or even watching a movie together at home are some things that all women love, whether they’re divas or tomboys.


The best way to retain that spark in your relationship is to keep her guessing what is next! Women do love surprises. Also, this will increase her interest in you if you keep her smiling with your surprises. Surprises, however, don’t always have to be bought or involve a lot of money. A dish you have ready for her when she comes home or a handmade gift which you’ve put all your effort into also make great surprises. But watch out, it better be something she likes!



Did she make a dish that didn’t taste nice? Or buy a shirt of a colour you don’t like? Whatever it is who doesn’t like to be appreciated for their efforts? Whether the outcome of what she has tried is good or otherwise, make sure you appreciate her for her efforts without complaining. Convey your opinion in a very subtle manner so as to not hurt her if it’s bad and I bet she would do the same for you and keep trying.


Make her feel better than the rest:

Do you want to keep your woman around for a long time but also have a lot of other women in your life? Well if you do, you better make her feel better than the rest of them. Women take a lot of pride in being better than the rest especially when it comes to their boyfriends. Introduce her to the others and let them know she’s your girl; take her out with them from time to time. These are some ways to give her assurance that she holds a special place in your heart not matched by anyone else and that she is the one for you.



No matter how busy you are, no matter how tight your schedule is, make sure you make time for your woman. Even if it’s only for 5 minutes, call her and keep her posted on what you’re doing and ask what she’s up to. No, this does not mean you have to constantly keep calling her. Women are very understanding when it comes to this. But make sure she doesn’t feel left out or alone because of your busy life.


Look her in the eye when you speak:

Whether you’re convincing her that you’re not lying or telling her how much she means to you, make sure to look her in the eye when you speak. It might sound unimportant and small, but it makes a lot of difference and adds a lot more value to the words spoken when there is eye contact as it convinces her that you’re not lying.



Women are generally said to be queens when it comes to gossiping, but they would definitely expect their men to keep personal things within the four walls of their house. Though women gossip, they normally do not let out personal information unless they really trust the person. And their men should definitely be trustworthy if they want to know what’s going on in their life and if they want them around for long.


Everyone likes to be treated with respect. And when it comes to relationships, this is a must! A woman, in relationships, should be treated equal to the man and given due respect. She won’t like to be dominated or treated inferior. This will definitely lead to her walking out on you.



This is where all the confusion lies! In a man’s opinion, a woman is very hard to comprehend. But when it comes to your woman, you will have to try your best to understand her and make sense out of what she says as a woman definitely will not like to be contradicted.



You might label a woman as ‘blonde’ but when it comes to men they definitely have an eye for the smart ones. A woman will sometimes like to play dumb as she admires intelligent men. But that does not mean she actually is dumb and she definitely will not like to be called a bimbo!


A successful man:

Yes, women like successful men and no, this is not for the money. Whether you’re a bartender or a businessman, rich or poor a woman will like you if you’re successful in your own profession.

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