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Why Have A Pampering Pedicure



Why Have A Pampering Pedicure

Pedicure is all about pampering your feet!! Whether its Summer or Winter, skin care is essential and pedicure is the best way to relax your tired feet. Scrub, Cut, Dip, Paint, Massage these are the simple steps to pamper yourself! Summer leads to a lot of tanning since we expose our legs a lot in the sun, while in winters our legs remain covered inside the woollen socks so we don’t tend to care our feet. But the reality is that pedicure is a monthly feet care no matter what the season is feet care is essential!!

Pedicure exfoliates the dead cells,moisturises the skin and proper nail care and shape can be done. Pedicure can be done at the Beauty parlour or at home. All you need is a good pedicure or nail care set and you are ready to go.

Once in a while when you are very tired, try out a pedicure at home and  I guarantee you will feel more relaxed and pampered! Soak your legs in a hot water tub. Add some Bath salts to make it even more relaxing. Bath salts come in various flavors like strawberry,vanilla,lemon,orange,etc. Add them and leave your legs for 10 minutes. Pedicure Scrubs are used to clean your feet,heels,toes, using a good massaging cream afterwards is also worth while. Its better to get pedicure done by somebody that makes the job much easier and makes the pampering feel even more special. but this can sometimes cost a lot of money, so try a DIY pedicure instead.

Pedicure Benefits:



A good skin is when its soft and smooth.Same is with the foot area. We walk to so many places,our foot gets hurt,scratches,etc. Proper care is neglected. Massaging from knee to toe, keeps the legs and foot smooth and soft.The skin is moisturised and has a glow in it.



-Cuticle cleaning helps exfoliating the dead cells which gather over time on your nails. Too much use of nail paints makes the nails yellow and brittle too. The nail kit is used to help the cuticles become stronger and clean.



Healthy nails with a shine is possible through pedicure.The scrubs and creams provide nutrients to the nails. Regularly cutting the nails in shape and removing the dirt helps to maintain a beautiful feet.


It is true that using the scrub removes a good amount of tan from our feet. Usually tanning comes in these areas due to sandals,flipflops and skin exposing footwear. Because of the hot soaking water and scrubs the tanning is removed. You can use tomato slices also in your pedicure to scrub and remove tanning!



Foot scrubber removes the dead skin and helps to prevent the legs from cracks on the heel areas.



A hot tub of water and soaking of your legs will make you feel relaxed. The massage makes the feet feel all pampered!! 🙂

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