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Whenever I find the Key to Happiness, Someone Changes the Lock!


When we look around in this world we see pain, despair, people struggling with their lives. Whenever we are told something about we are always warned that this world is a mean place, people won’t spare you, life is going to hit you hard. People spend all of their lives trying to be happy, they are always in a pursuit of happiness. Ever wondered why this saying says “Pursuit of Happiness” because we spend our lives running behind things, searching happiness in people, in gadgets, in materials. Our lives are a chase for happiness, people just spend their life behind things but apparently they never be happy the day they get what they want, is the day they want something new, something more.This is a never ending run for Happiness, run for the things we think can bring happiness. Is that how life will end? Will my life end in the Pursuit of Happiness?

When we look around, we see a world of pain, despair and people struggling to live. We have often been warned about how mean the world really is and how no-one would spare us- that life is always going to hit hard. People spend their lives in pursuit of happiness but do we really know what it means? We seek to find happiness in gadgets and material things and when we procure those, instead of being happy, we seek more. It is this never ending run for happiness that really is the obstacle for our happiness. Will all our lives end in Pursuit of happiness or will we find happiness instead?

smile 21 may

Actually lets leave that question it is a difficult one lets wonder on a easier question instead which is “Whats is Happiness?” People usually compare lives, he is better looking than me he might be so happy, he is so rich he be so happy, he has a girlfriend he will be the happiest man on this earth, so on and so forth. We always think that the only thing we don’t have can make us happy. We spend our entire childhood dreaming that we will be so happy when we grow up but is that the case? We realize after growing up, Oh shit this was a trap i have more problems, i have a broken heart, people judge me, people hate me, etc.

Actually, that question is hard to answer. We might ponder over that once we know what happiness really is. People compare lives, looks, wealth, relationship statuses and more and that is their judgement on how happy the person would really be. We somehow believe that what isn’t ours is the only thing that will make us happy. We spend our childhood dreaming of happiness as adults, and as adults we realize how happy we were as a child. There were no broken hearts, no people judging me and almost everyone seemed affectionate enough.

happiness 21 may

We tend to fight all our lives, for things, for people, for Happiness. If we come back to the question What is Happiness? Is it being with the person you love, or is it playing your favorite game on your favorite console, or is it getting a dress u wanted for a long time? If yes then you might had wanted things in your past which you got so are you happy? What is your definition of Happiness? the best I came across is “Happiness is a state of mind”. It is not stored in a mountain, or in someone, or in something. It is just a state of mind.

Mind is the most complex thing a person will ever encounters, but they person who can unlock his mind can win this world. When we talk about mind we are always confused we don’t know what we want. I once asked a beggar what he wanted and he replied, “I want nothing for the man who wants nothing will never be disappointed”. If i had wanted anything I would have always been  unhappy. This all sounds so dreamy not wanting anything in life never being disappointed, but I am pretty sure the beggar lied to me. Of course he wanted loads of things he is not enjoying on the roads. I mean I want a Porsche, I can’t walk all my life. So does that mean I will never be happy? I guess, I can be Happy its not that difficult. Scientist say there is a release of a chemical in our brain which makes you happy. Funny how I am running behind things trying to get whatever my mind demands just to release a chemical in my brain.

Depressing isn’t it? So now we land back to square one, “What is Happiness?” the answer is Happiness is a chemical release in our brain. Now i understand why science is boring, one of the philosophical meaning can be seeing someone smile thats actually cute. So is this fight worth it, people murder, kidnap, do things inhuman just for a chemical release. I don’t think it is worth it. It is also believed faking a smile will also release the chemical and make you happy. Oh my god was being happy that easy, i wasted a lot of time on things to make me happy and now I am being told even faking a smile will do it, thats not fair. Jokes apart life is not that complicated, we can always find reasons to smile reasons to be happy.

A line from my favorite movie said, “You can always find light even in the most darkest times if you just light it. You can always be happy, so what if you don’t get what you wanted, so what if you don’t get the girl or guy you loved the most. So what? Life is bigger than that. Want to smile, the easiest way is make someone smile, someone who cannot smile. Spread smiles around and Happiness will be in your surround. Happiness is all to do with Choice, so choose to Happy. So when you wake up, look in the mirror and say, “I am Happy because i choose to be Happy, No one will control my smile even if someone hurts me I will smile back I will always smile. Then see the change in your life. So stop looking for keys to Happiness cause there is no lock it is always with you, Always in you control. So, “Choose to Smile”.

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