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What’s your cup of Tea?


Almost all of us have a habit of starting our day with a hot cup of tea in the morning. We all ask for one thing as soon as we wake up and it is – TEA. There’s nothing like a hot crisp cup of tea on a rainy day. A great cup of tea refreshes you and soothes your senses. Tea is what keeps helps me pull off an all nighter during my exams. A lot of of important discussions and heated debates happen over endless cups of tea. India, especially, is a great fan of tea. From little children to old rugged people, everyone enjoys this beverage. Chilly winters or scorching summers, people can’t seen to get enough of it. The styles with which tea is made all over the world might be different, but the fondness remains the same. Some types of teas are exceptionally gifted with a lot of benefits which you can make use of by brewing a cup once a day. Here are different types of teas and their remarkable benefits.


1) Green Tea

Green Tea has an array of benefits and that is why it is termed as the “wonder herb” by it’s drinkers and medical practitioners. Green Tea was originally found in China but soon the whole of Asia succumbed to it’s wonders. A simple beverage with countless powers. Green tea helps to keep your weight in check by increasing the metabolism rate. Green tea is a blessing from the Nature to people who suffer from diabetes since it slows the rise of blood sugar after eating. Not only does it regulate the sugar levels in blood, it also keeps the ratio of good cholesterol to bad cholesterol high. Green battles depression and makes you feel instantly better. Do not drink it for the taste because to be honest, it tastes pretty bland. Think of all the positives you’ll gain by just sipping on a small cup of green tea.


2) Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is another kind of herbal tea. If you have trouble sleeping at night, this is definitely your cup of tea. Infused with mild natural sedatives, chamomile helps put your senses to sleep. Insomnia results in sleepless and restless nights which can be treated by drinking a steaming cup of chamomile tea  at night before going to bed. Chamomile naturally soothes the nerves which often cause depression and make you feel anxious unnecessarily. This beverage has the ability to boost your immune system, strengthening your inner strength and protecting you from infections and flu. Running nose, sour throat, migraines, chamomile tea is the go to solution for all these petty issues that hinder our daily performance. You’re only a tea cup away from feeling healthier.


3) Lemongrass Tea

This is one of my personal favorites. There are a lot of reasons to drink this herbal tea. It is effective in treating nausea. It relaxes you and prepares you for a peaceful sleep. For all those who tend to eat more than they can handle, sipping on a cup of lemongrass tea takes away that feeling of being too full and no being able to function due to the over indulgence. It improves digestion and is effective in clearing out the bowels for you to feel energetic and fresh throughout the day. People from ancient times have been using this herb in a lot of other ways to cure hundreds of ills. Minor infections like cough and cold can also be treated with chamomile tea. Lemongrass tea also has the capacity to battle acne and destroy it from the very root. It brightens up the skin tone because of the abundance of vitamin A. Get in the habit of drinking this beverage.


4) Ginger Tea

This is most widely consumed in India brewed with a little milk and sugar with regular  tea leaves. Ginger tea is a savior for all the ladies out there who find it hard to deal with menstrual pain. Ginger has the ability to relax muscles which reduces the chances of painful cramps. Drinking ginger tea also regulates the flow of blood in the body and reduces the risk of heart related problems by preventing fat from blocking the arteries which is mainly responsible for heart attacks and strokes. A lot of us are allergic to little things around us and often catch a cold when exposed to something we aren’t accustomed to. Ginger helps in getting rid of cold by improving the performance of the respiratory system. It is truly a blessing because of the high vitamin C content.



5) Peppermint Tea

For starters, this tea is full of flavors unlike most of it counterparts. This is an all natural way to shed off those pounds. Peppermint has hunger suppressant qualities which helps you stick to your healthy diet rather than unnecessary hogging. It calms the muscles which also relieves body stress and stiffness and makes you fall asleep quickly. Peppermint is one of the freshest herbs and with a smell so refreshing, it helps to combat bad breath keeping your mouth fresh all day long. Sinus patients must drink a cup each day to relieve the tension in their head. All in all, this one’s a total winner.


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