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Weight Loss Myths


We all have seen that one person who strives real hard to get into the best of shape and be fit but fails to achieve his motto. Or at times we, ourselves, are at the receiving end. It is not an uncommon sight to see such people. It is not that they do not have the body which supports the curious case of fitness agenda known as weight loss; it is rather a case of things done in the wrong way. There are ample of such weight loss myths that the people follow and end up getting nothing. Many a times they get disheartened to such an extent that they decide to put a full stop to their weight loss plans. But you can save yourself from falling into this pit. Here is the list of such weight loss myths which you should know!

Weight Loss Myths

It’s all a short cut!

Lose weight now

The moment you are planning to start off your weight loss regime, you need to master the art of patience. There is no shortcut to for losing weight in quick time. You should always remember that no medicine or no exercise could yield you jet quick results. Why don’t you start asking yourself that how long it took to get on that big fat flab on your belly? If it took ages for something to accumulate, it is certain that the same would need at least half of that time period to get back to the desired frame. You should reconcile in reality and know that there is no short cut for weight loss.

Is low fat food the way to go?

Well, this is certainly not the way to go. No matter who you are or what you plan to eat; you always fall prey to the advertisements of brands which say they are low fat. Your craving to eat your favorite cheese knows no bounds and it finds a way to get close to eat through this low fat product. You should know that for the weight loss plan, you have to avoid fats, no matter whether they are low fat or high fats. Even the low fat products have the saturated and unsaturated fats which have the potential of hampering all your hard work at the gym and efforts you put during your work outs.

No meals!

This is the most common misconception of any weight loss plan enthusiast. Whenever a person plans to make a weight loss diet chart, the first thing he puts on the list is a bold letters statement indicating “skip meals”. You will never lose weight if you skip your meals. It is your myth to know that if you eat less, you will grow slimmer. This does not make you slim. All it will result in is some serious weakness in your body. So never skip your meals. But yes, do not barge into large portions of meals. Researchers have found out that the people who eat their breakfast along with two square meals a day have lesser weight than those who skip breakfast and eat heavy portion lunch.


Those little things!

You do everything in order to become slim but ignore those little things. Like the previous point, you skip your meals. Plus you have a strong diet for you. But then you go out with your friends on a Saturday night and then consume a bit of booze thinking that a short peg is not going to make any difference. But the reality is that even a small quantity of alcohol could give you serious calories. Similarly, you have the knack of taking that occasional cheese which can give you ample of calories. You should monitor these little things and take good care of yourself.

What about the liquids?

You skip meals, you eat less, you eat healthy thinking you are consuming less calories and hence it should facilitate your work out to give you good fitness. But in the process of doing this, you often forget to count your liquid intake. Even the juices you drink and every other drink you take has calories. So never miss out to count those calories when you making a diet for yourself. So remember that in every weight loss plan, you should consider the liquid foods intake as well and monitor accordingly.

A costly deal

Most of the people do a lot of exercise but refrain from eating good and healthy food because they believe that it would be a costly deal for them. It is a misconception that the food which is required during the weight loss training schedule is a very costly one and not affordable for an average person. But this is not so. The food you have to eat during this phase will not cost you more than your normal day to day expenses. All the costs of the food items are reasonable and there is no reason why you should let the expenses come in way of your weight loss plans.


Never fall prey to the advice given by the people around you. Most of them do not have knowledge about the same and they are the vectors who spread such myths about weight loss techniques. So lend your ears to all but listen to few. This is the right way to go about for the ideal weight loss regime.

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