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Weight Loss- Can Flax Seeds Help?

Yes,it can help in reducing weight. 
Is losing weight as difficult as people think? Few things that comes to a person’s mind when talking about weight loss is rigorous exercise ,restraining from eating the delicious food and staying hungry.Are these all really important ?Is there something which could lower the harsh schedule a bit? It is possible ,adding Flax seeds to diet can help in reducing weight at a faster rate. 
Since the dawn of civilization flax seeds have been used by people as super food.The Latin name of flax seeds suggests it as the most useful. 
Health conscious people keep exploring the perfect food that would help them maintain their body fit internally and externally,at that point of time flax seeds come to their aid.Flax seeds are helpful in maintaining that perfect body along with reducing weight. 
Flax seeds are two types 
but both of them have comparable amount of similarities in their nutritional value.Flax seeds can help in shedding of that flab of fat underneath your skin or on your tummy. 
The feeling of uneasiness or lack of self confidence because of body figure is seen certain people.Not able to make eye contact with people, speak up in front of a large audience or strangers, lack of socializing are all related to low self confidence to some extent.First impression is very important in today’s world. Being overweight can be one of the reason of not being able to put up a good impression in front of people.So,let’s change the scenario by applying a simple method of weight loss in our daily routine. 
How do Flax seeds help in weight loss? 
* The intake of these seeds with food gives a full or satisfied feeling.Hence,you eat less . 
They contain “good” fats required by our body .Fats are digested slow by our body and make you feel full even when you eat less.Now the point to note is that whether you take in ‘good’ fats or ‘bad’ fats in your diet decides the results you’ll get. 
* Flax seeds contain very good amount of fiber which give a felling of fullness and  bad help regulate bowel movements. Fiber also help in cleaning our internal system. 
* Flax seeds are low in calories and carbohydrates as compared to their weight. 
As the instant source of energy for our body is carbohydrate ,it’s low amount in flax seeds plays a major role in reducing weight. 
*And to top it all, lecithin present in Flax seeds prevents storage of bad fats in our body.Lecithin dissolves the bad fats which are then released outside the body along with fiber which is obtained from Flax seeds. 
Other nutritional benefits: 
There is so much more than reducing weight that flax seeds do. 
* Help in relieving constipation. 
* Reduce the risk of heart diseases. 
* Boost immunity. 
*Improves eyesight. 
* Help prevent cancer. 
* Lowers blood cholesterol levels. 
* Prevents from radiations as it contains antioxidants. 
*Helps in healing of minor sprains and bruises . 
*It helps in keeping joints healthy. 
*Reduces the chances of Pre Menstrual Syndrome. 
* When applied on burns,boils and inflammated area can help in reducing them. 
Ways to include Flax seeds in your diet : 
* Add them to homemade bread,dough or muffin. 
* Flax seed oil can be added over smoothies. 
* Sprinkle them on oatmeal. 
*Flax seeds can be added to baked products too. 
*Add to gravy while serving. 
Flax seeds can be grinded and added to almost any food product.You can always experiment new ways to include them in the diet inspite the old measures of yesteryears. 
Pregnant women or women with breast ,uterine and ovarian cancer should not take Flax seeds .People suffering with bowel irregularities should not take Flax seeds too.It can worsen the condition. 
While including Flax seeds in diet a lot of water should be taken during the whole day as Flax seeds have high fiber content.Fiber requires a lot of water. 
A pinch of this versatile seed can keep you far away from a variety of diseases along with helping you in tackling the diseases which one already has.One of the best sources of antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids ,it has high nutritional value which would definitely help you in keeping your body fit. 
Our diet generally lacks this nutrition rich product.Most of the people are unaware of the benefits of Flax seeds. 
The relation between flax seeds and weight loss has been researched upon and it is proven that flax seeds do help in weight loss.Many weight loss products available in the market contain flax seeds in high quantities.One can opt for weight loss products which contain Flax seeds available in the market or buy ground Flax seeds.Ground flax seeds can be added to every day food products after grinding. 
A research conducted at Harvard University showed that People who included Flax seeds in their diet lost approximately 30% more weight in comparison to people who didn’t include Flax seeds in their diet. 

Including Flax seeds in diet is worth a try be it for reducing weight or health benefits.

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