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5 Ways to Prevent Binge Eating


If that tub of ice cream in your refrigerator is bothering you to the extent that you have to get up and devour it then this is the piece of writing you had been waiting for all your life. If you give into the temptation of satisfying your craving of bingeing on something that you shouldn’t, you probably are headed towards becoming fat. Binge eating is when you eat uncontrollably at any point of time in the day. It is a clear symptom of binge eating disorder or compulsive eating disorder. It happens when a person eats huge amounts of food recklessly. People tend to overeat the most during holidays or special occasions without paying heed to the consequences. It soon becomes a habit and just another step towards obesity. There are disciplined ways to establish control over binge eating and dismiss that temptation of eating just another slice of cake. Here are steps to overcome binge eating.

1) Listen to your body

You tend to overeat because you are not not able to identify and understand physical hunger. Always, always listen to what your body says to you. When you are tempted by a particular food you just think if you could have it all. Think limited portions. You don’t have to devour it fully at one go, that is reckless eating. Learn to realize when your body tells you stop and when it feels satisfied with whatever amount you have consumed. People tend to forget the art of listening to their bodies and focusing on what their mind is telling them which leads them to over indulge in food and consume more than they should, in the first place. Re-size your portions and you and be open to stopping at a point of contentment.


2) Participate in food free meetings

Do not make plans for a lunch out with your girls or a dinner date with your guy or even a coffee date with your friends. Because chances are, that every time you order a cup of espresso, you also end up ordering a blueberry muffin along with it. And then you obviously have all the time in the world for a scoop of ice cream on your way back. People tend to overeat in social gatherings and it is also an obligation to indulge in food and conversation at such places. Try to not center your meetings just around feed. You could always chat over a cup of green tea or frozen yogurt. That way you’ll also get more chances to initiate conversations because once the food arrives, people just want to dig in and not talk to anybody anymore. Easy flowing conversations and healthy food choices sound perfect together.


3) Get over the temptation

There’s no temptation as stronger as your will. If you feel like eating in the middle of the night when you just had dinner 4 hours ago, you gotta pull your socks up and get over the temptation. Think of all your victories in your struggle of overcoming your habit of compulsive eating and stay motivated to not violate the amount of your daily food intake. Studies reveal that all cravings subside in about ten to fifteen minutes and your’s won’t be any different. Do something that helps you keep your mind off the craving. Listen to music, read a book or just go for a brisk walk. You’ll be surprised at how well this trick works in helping you control overeating.


4) Watch your cutlery

This might sound dumb but it definitely works. Get rid of those huge spoons and forks, no matter how classy they are. Start eating with small sized forks and spoons because that will ensure that you aren’t consuming heaps and heaps of food every time you sit down to eat. Using comparatively smaller cutlery will make your portion last longer and make you feel satiated and not think of taking another helping. Also, completely avoid eating straight from the carton or a packet because that just makes you keep eating without keeping track on the quantity. It is also really annoying table manners to eat straight from the container. Ensure you take your share on a plate to prevent yourself from eating too much.


5) Beat that stress

Binge eating is mostly related with your irrevocable desire of eating a particular food. But it isn’t just the food all the time. A lot of people tend to eat more because of the stress they have in the workplace or the personal struggles they are dealing with. People turn to food to overcome such difficulties. It is not bad to turn to food if it really comforts you, but you should know when to draw t the line and not use it as an excuse to over indulge. Rather, find out activities that give you pleasure other than eating and try them out. Beating stress is overcoming a huge obstacle in fighting your battle with binge eating. Look at the good things in life and derive happiness out of the smallest of things that people do for you. Happiness is health.

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