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Ways to Make our Mornings and Nights Amazing!

Be great!
Be great!

The way we start our days and the way we end them determines the quality of our life. It’s important to start and end each day in an amazing manner. Most people read newspaper, smoke a cigarette, or have a cup of tea after they wake. Before sleeping, most of us watch the news and watch stupid soap operas. Some of these habits aggravate our productivity and should be replaced by other good habits. For example, reading or watching bad news in the morning or night affect our mental status. It’s better to nourish our mind, bodies and souls during the mornings and nights.

Ways to make our mornings amazing

1. Smile

As we get off the bed, smiling and appreciating our existence is a great way to start the day. Succeed the smile by a positive thought and thank god for this beautiful day.

2. Hydrate

We’ve been sleeping all night. The body consumes a lot of water while sleeping. So, drinking a glass or two of water is a great way to kick off the  day.

3. Exercise or yoga or pranayama

Our body is a machine and in the morning it is in its peak energy levels. We can elevate these energy levels by exercising for 20 minutes, first thing in the morning. I usually perform a 20 minute pranayama after waking up. It fills the whole body with an insane amount of oxygen and gives me the requisite energy. You can choose the activity according to your preferences. It may be a 20 min run, a 10 min skipping, or some yoga and meditation.

4. Write in your Journal

Maintaining a journal is a very good habit. It’s the best way to have a conversation with yourself. Write about your goals, aspirations, and dreams. Write about your blessings. Thank god for the food on your table, for your family, for the fact that you live in a war free zone, thank the farmers who so hard to plant your food, thank the retailers who sell it to you, thank your mom or dad for cooking the food, the list is endless. Plan your day in advance and record it in your journal.

5. Have a shower and say affirmations

An early morning shower is great. You can use the time to fill your sub conscious mind with positive thoughts. Even if it sounds cheese, say things like- ‘I am powerful’, ‘I am awesome’, or ‘I love this life’. It will set your mind in the right direction. As you think, you become!

6. Have a great breakfast

Our body is a machine and the machine should get the best fuel. Have a nutritious breakfast, loaded with fibers and nutrients. Drink vegetable juices, have egg whites, have a bowl of oat meal, drink green tea. A good morning diet will keep you active through out the day.

7. Practice your craft/ start working on the big things

After you’re loaded with a great breakfast, start working. Go pursue your dreams. Go write that book you’ve always dreamed of writing. Go start practicing if you’ve got a competitive exam coming. As Robin Sharma says, ‘For the first 90 minutes of your work day, so the things that matter the most.’

Ways to make our nights amazing

1. Have dinner before 8

When you eat early, you give the body enough time to digest the food. It will enable you to sleep more sweetly and you’ll wake up fresh.

2. Avoid the news or those stupid soap operas

Yes, you can do that during the day. But, the night time should be preserved to relax and peace out. It’s better read a good book.

3. Read a good book

Reading is a great habit and doing it in the night relaxes our mind. Reading a good autobiography or a good piece of fiction is a great source of Joy.

4. Record your day in a journal

Yes, your life is worth writing. Record your day and write the things you’ve learned. Also, jot down any frustration or worry that is troubling you. It’s a great way to end the day by having a conversation with yourself.

5. A short meditation

Yes, a meditation will relax your mind and prepare it for a soothing sleep. Even a 5 minute meditation can prove to be extremely useful.

Make sure you keep your sleep cycles intact by sleeping at a fixed time everyday. For its optimum functioning, our body clock should function in a set manner. Also, try to wake before 6 am (5 am ideally). The best to nourish ourselves is when most people are sleeping. These habits may make many people ‘roll their eyes’. But, you will surprised by the amount of productivity and happiness they can bring to your life. Most, peak performers exercises these habits and consider them a part of their lives. Be great!

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