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Ways to Deal With Difficult People


How to deal with the people we just can’t stand or the people who just get on our nerves? It may be your next door neighbor, your friend or your family member who just push you to the limits. They are not ready to hear anything from us when we want to say something but want us to listen everything they have to say. They don’t agree on anything we say but expect us to agree on everything they preach. They have weird mood swings and you don’t know how to react to their behavior. However, dealing with difficult people is difficult obviously but not impossible. Here are 5 ways to deal with difficult people.

1. Don’t Take it Personally


A lot of people’s problems are not our problems, they are their problems. You can’t please everyone. If someone doesn’t like you that’s too bad. All you can do is just smile for them. Don’t take it personal. If someone is angry at you, nine times out of ten they are dealing with their own personal issues. There is a great quote “Its not a slam at you when people are rude, its a slam at the people they have met before.” If someone gets hurt by something you said, its not what you said that is hurting them, its a feeling that they already have in them and you just triggered it by saying something. So, there is not need to take it personally at all. If they are behaving badly with you then all you can do is smile, agree and then do the hell what you were gonna do anyway.

2. Stay Calm


How we feel internally is how we carry ourselves externally. Once you can smile when you are dealing with people you don’t resonate with, then the inner balance remains intact. Keep your head up. A lot of people walk their whole life with their head down to the ground. Just keep your back straight and stand your ground. You don’t have to become confrontational with anybody but we all must tap into our inner power. We need to really be connected to who we are. Breathe Easy. Once you can be calm and not become so reactive, a lot of people that annoy us, they won’t be able to make us fall in their trap. Whatever you fight, you give energy to. When you can remain silent in yourself, you develop enough peace and balance and therefor that difficult person is no longer difficult.

3. Put Things in Perspective


Stop worrying, start living. Just ask yourself how important is this difficult person and move past them. Let it go. We must change the way we react to difficult people before we can change the way we interact with them. Everything is based on how we react because the power lies in our hands and when we can put things in perspective then so many things start to happen all around our world. “I am gonna let this person at work tease me or this person down the road”. No. That is how the energy vampires work. They can also make us feel inadequate and take in energy by us giving them our energy. We have the power to decide ho we distribute our energy. Should we spend all the time ruminating about how much i don’t like this person? The more you focus on something the more it grows. Therefore, change your focus and try to put things in perspective.

4. Put Yourself in Their Shoes


So many people on the planet have gone through so much. Some people have gone through emotional hardships growing up. If you can have empathy which means to recognize other people’s emotions then it frees you and liberates you because you get to see where other people are coming from. In essence, you are seeing the world the way they see it. Once you can do that you can rise above it. You can smile at people more. You can learn how to not take people so seriously because everyone is coming from a different place. Everyone has a different upbringing and different background, when you can see that, this difficult person is no longer difficult. They are just a walk in the park.

5. Keep It Moving


There is no need to dwell on the difficult people what they have to say to you. In one year, out the other year, just keep it moving. In life, the universe gives everyone a job so what we call difficult people, some people actually call them psychopath, are also needed to be on earth because they help you tap into your true self. If everybody on this planet was the same then it would be a very boring place indeed. Remember to have a sense of humor when you are dealing with difficult people but remember that the traffic has to move in both directions just as the hot veins are carrying blood towards the heart and arteries are carrying the blood away from the heart. So, you always you have this motion, the friction is what keeps everything in divine alignment. But to deal with difficult people, remember also that the manipulation on this planet has taken many people out of their element. So, many people are not themselves and are under a spell. That is what you are dealing with. That is why we have to keep it moving. The more you think about other people how they are hurting you inside, the more you actually become other people. Certain people who are smiling all the time, that energy has to pass through them first before it reaches you. Therefore if you can smile to a difficult person. They may not like it but you are freeing yourself from their trap.

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