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4 Ways to Clear Your Mind and Just Breathe


This article is about how to clear your mind and stop worrying so that you can start living. Its about living from the heart of instead of the mind. How do we free our minds? First, we have to realize that human mind is similar to a computer. In a computer, you put programs. The more programs you have on a computer, the more it slows down until it crashes eventually. Just like that, the more we accumulate in the mind the more we slow down until we eventually crash. Belief is the program that creates all reality. It is all our belief system therefore whatever we are thinking, we are creating. In essence, we live in the world we are thinking of  and when we realize this it is really liberating. When we talk of clearing the mind, many people want to their mind to just switch off. But more effort we put into the effortless state, more harder it becomes. There has to be no effort used at all. In essence we just have to surrender and that is how our heart space opens. So, here are some ways of clearing your mind of all the garbage and just breathing easy.

1. Let go of society’s expectations


When you let go of society’s expectations, of what your family thinks, of what your friends think, when you tap into yourself and accept yourself a hundred percent then in essence your mind begins to dissolve. Because when we look at this world we live in, we don’t know how it operates. We don’t know the hidden mysteries. We always see many people singing in the middle of the road, dancing, playing guitar in the middle of the crowd, it is because there is some music that we can’t hear. Because they have nothing to fear. They don’t care what others think of them. They are always in a state of bliss and their inner child is still alive and healthy. They don’t have to perform so that they can be accepted by the society. They have a clear mind and they can breathe easy. That is why it is very necessary to let go of society’s expectations and love yourself a hundred percent. “Just be yourself, Everyone else is already taken.

2. Be Curious, not Judgmental


We look at people what do we see? Can we just look at people without judging them? It is not easy because we have been programmed this way since our childhood. Whatever we see, we just attach a particular emotion or feeling with it and that is where the judgment comes from. “Oh look! he is so fat. He must be the daily customer of nearest McDonald.” “Well, look at the dress of that girl. She looks so bad in that.” Blah Blah. We just can not see the reality of the situation and we are not curious to know it at all. All we do is just passing judgments and that is the main reason of our suffering. To clear our mind, we just have to stop being judgmental and realize that everybody has their own story. Everyone is fighting their own war. If we don’t know about them then we don’t have any right to judge them. Another disastrous form of judgement is when we judge ourselves. More than 90% of our self talk is negative then how can we wait for our mind to clear off. So, just accept yourself totally and start being curious instead of being judgmental.

3. Meditate


This one is the most important yet most underrated way of clearing our minds. We hear about benefits of meditation and start doing it daily. But in a few days, we are again back on the old track just because we don’t see any major changes in our lives. But the reality is that every good thing takes some time to nourish. Meditation is a state when you meet your trueself, when you look into yourself far away from distractions of outside world. It totally changes your attitude about life and helps you in creating the mindset you always wanted. Meditation is the best thing that is going to happen to you if you adopt it. It is going to crystal clear your mind and make you calmer. So, spend these few moments with yourself everyday to clear your mind and breathe easy.

4. Laugh until your belly hurts


As children we are living free. We are living in the present moment and that is why we are so powerful. In essence, it is all about keeping alive the inner child in you. To clear your mind, just do the things you did when you were younger. The kids love unconditionally, they laugh when they feel happy, they cry when they feel bad and that is how the life works. The kids are very honest with their emotions because they are far away from the dramas of the world of adults. What is the point of growing up if we are just going away from that state of bliss we were in when we were kids. This whole Leaving-your-childhood-behind thing starts when our parents ask us what we want to become when we grow up and that is it. It is like a spell cast. Now we start thinking in the future and going out of the present moment constantly. So, it is necessary to laugh, dance and wander around so that our inner child is still alive. This is how we can clear our mind of all the nonsense and start breathing easy.

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