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Water Therapy for your Body


It has long been known that drinking water refreshes and cools your body. Men of medicine have been telling us about the therapeutic properties of water for ages. Recently even new-age science has agreed that water is a one-stop cure for a lot of common ailments, including headaches, nausea, obesity, kidney stones and the list goes one. Here I am going to tell you how you should drink water to stay healthy.
Some doctors advice that you should drink at least 6 glasses (one and a half litres) of water in the morning after some light exercise in the morning. In the beginning you might find it hard to consume so much water. So, try breaking for five minutes every two glasses to let that water sink in. Others advise that you should drink half your body weight of water. Since 70% of our body is made up water, and we lose increasing amounts through sweat and excretion we need to keep replenishing our body’s water supply.
Drinking water posits several advantages:
1. Losing weight- It is the easiest way to lose those extra pounds. Water takes up space in your stomach and suppresses your appetite. This limits the amount of food that you eat keeping an efficient check on your eating habits. Eating moderately means no addition of excess fat.
2. No calories- Drinking water does not contain any calories. It is a simple mix of pure water and a few nutrients. So, drinking more water will not make you fat. It is goes through the normal process of digestion in the stomach. Some of the water makes way into your blood and tissues where it performs several bodily functions. A large percentage of water is excreted out where it serves a very important function of detoxifying your body.
3. Rich in nutrients- Water contains a lot of important nutrients and minerals that are necessary for the body to function properly. In fact the taste of water depends on the amount of nutrients or other chemical present in it. Drinking lots of water ensures that a continuous supply of nutrients is maintained. You should of course ensure that you drink from a reliable source of water. Some sources contain fluorides, mercury, lead or other industrial toxins, especially if you consume groundwater directly.
4. Removes bodily waste- More water in your body helps remove waste in your body. Urination is a way the kidneys remove toxins from your blood. Water is the carrier for your urine. Thus lots of water in the body helps your body to detox better.
5. Prevents skin diseases- Drinking sufficient amount of water also help fight skin diseases like dry skin, wrinkles, psoriasis and spots. A healthy skin makes you look younger and happier and even makes your face glow. A dull skin on the other hand can make you look several years older than your present self.
6. Prevents headaches- Dehydration, due to the lack of water, causes severe headaches. People tend to misdiagnose their headaches by identifying heat or stress or fatigue as the cause. In most cases, it is caused by severe loss of water from the body and can be easily cured by a few glasses of water.
7. Keep your blood flowing- Consuming enough water ensures that your blood does not become thick. If your blood is thick then it cannot move at a normal pace to deliver oxygen and nutrients throughout your body. This makes you sluggish, which you might often wrongly attribute to fatigue.
8. Makes you look younger- Glowing skin is the result of having plenty of water in our body. Skin, is the largest organ in the body. The cells in the skin multiply rapidly and keep replacing dead skin with fresh skin cell. This keeps your skin young and healthy. Water is essential to this process of cell growth. Hence, consuming large amounts of water can make you look young.
9. Improves your mood- Scientific studies have shown that a scarcity of water in your system causes mood swings. It clouds your brain and makes you depressed. To keep your mental faculties in prime condition, drink plenty of water daily.
10. Relieves aching joints- Severe dehydration can cause bone cartilages to dry up and unsettling pain shoot up from your joints. To prevent this frightful outcome of dehydration, consume several glasses of water in a day.
11. Improves athletic performance- You lose a lot of fluids when you exercise or exert yourself in any way. In the water content in your body is not replenished continuously, you will start feeling sluggish and fatigued often.
12. Keeps your heart healthy- Some studies have also shown that those who drank water regularly had a lesser chances of suffering a heart compared to those who were not in the habit of drinking water regularly.
13. Maintains balance- ‘Homeostasis’ is the scientific term related to the body’s constant strife to maintain balance in all spheres of bodily function- curbing excesses and fulfilling scarcities. When your body has lots of water, maintaining other aspects of the human body in form is an easy task. Organs can secrete the required enzymes for digestion, hormone control and so on. But a serious lack of water can throw a spanner into the works and symptoms of extreme stress, fatigue, lethargy may show on a person.

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