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These days maintaining a good relationship between parents and the child/children is quite a tough task. The parents do try in their own way to connect with their children. Earlier, the gap between the parents and the children was not so wide. I say this solely because of the reason of the absence of the internet. Children used to be at home or in school or playing out in the open. But, this simple life of a child has become really messed up with time. Kids just do not have time! Hard to believe, eh? Kids, these days, have their own schedules. Homework, social circle and social activities- they take up the entire day! The parents, on the other hand, have their own life to live. This ‘life’ used to be centered around the kids earlier. What has changed is that people are becoming aware of their own individuality. They no longer feel the need to sacrifice their dreams for anyone as such. Yes, I know all the parents love their kids. But, think about it. If I ask a parent to quit his/her job and look after the child and its proper development, will the parent happily resign? Life has become more complicated than a simple yes or no. Lots of things have to be taken into consideration. So yes, when I say both the children and the parents are busy in their own worlds, it is not fiction or unreal. It is what it is. However, I feel that every parent longs to connect with his/her kids. So, what to do?

Well, I would say “if you cannot beat them, join them!” Yes, it is necessary for you to maintain some distance from your kids and not suffocate them. But you could try to work on new things together. Involving the kids in fun house chores is also a way to go. By this article, I will provide the readers with 5 ways that would help them reconnect with their kids. Happy Reading!

1) Family Night!

Instead of trying to focus on your relationship with the kids every single hour of every single day, give the kids a sense of freedom and expect them to have dinner on the table like a complete family. Plan to go out once a month or so. Go to places that you and your kids like. You guys could have dinner in a nice, trendy place or go bowling! Choose a place that would require the entire family to interact a lot. Do not force the kids into doing something they don’t want to do. But, at the same time, be a figure of authority.

2) Communication is Key!

The gap between relationships of any nature starts when the parties to a relationship stop interacting and communicating. Your kids are growing and they will have a lot of issues they would want to talk to you about. Make them feel wanted and earn their trust. If you don’t talk to your kids and vice versa, the relationship will dissolve as soon as the kids fly the coop. You need to make your kids want to talk to you. It is a task! But, structuring your kids is in your hands.

3) Household Duties!

Suppose, you have 2 kids. Divide some simple household duties for them in two parts. This would require them to interact with you as you would have to tell them how to do the chores properly, or there will be situations where they would want to not do the chores and would try talking you out of it. All this develops a relationship. The parties involved start talking! Assigning duties also teaches the kids responsibility.

4) Television Fun!

Try and see a show with your kid every once in a while. For example, see The Simpsons as a family the next time it airs. This gives you a common activity to discuss, where both the sides are equal participants (or the kids participate even more!) Try and understand where your kids come from, what they like and dislike. Your kids are also individuals. Their talents and life choices are to be respected. Learn of common television shows and think how to go about it!

5) Technological Intervention!

No, I do not mean that you take away their phones and lock them up in a cave! I mean, try and interact with them in a way they are used to. It can be via messaging or emails or whatsapp or blackberry messenger, anything! It makes the kids ease. You learn a thing or two about technology as well. Both sides win-win!

Learn to understand your kids. Parent- child relationship has undergone a huge change. Try to work on your relationship instead of letting it go. You can also take an example of other families around you. I hope this article helps!

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