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Want a Serious Relationship? Stop Hiding These 7 Things



You might be one of those people who believe that hiding certain things from your partner will prevent your relationship from turning sour. But, the reality is there is nothing worse than hiding a truth when it comes to a failed relationship. One hidden truth can wash off years of efforts that you put in strengthening your relationship. While hiding a truth seems to be the right choice to save a relationship in the short run, the truth is that your partner will surely come face-to-face with the reality someday, and that day will mark the sad end of your relationship. So, if you want a serious relationship then stop hiding these things from your partner:

1. Your Ambition

Your partner should know about your life’s ambitions. He/She should know what your dreams are, what you want to be in the future. And he/she should also know how you are going to achieve it. If you really love your partner and dream of a future with him/her then it’s important for him/her to know where he/she stands in your future. In fact, your partner would even help you in realizing your goals and support you throughout. You aren’t married but you can surely discuss such married couple’s topics with your partner. It’s always good for a relationship.

2. Who You Are

If your partner really loves you, then it’s not because of what you look like on the outside but for what you are on the inside; your spiritual side. Looks aka Passion burns out with time, and what’s left in a relationship is trust and care. So, be beautiful from the inside, be what you are, your partner loves you for that particular reason. Be comfortable and confident with what you are, even if it’s totally undesirable.

3. Your Past

We all have those ’embarrassing’ and ‘hate-worthy’ moments and memories in our life, which we simply hate to recall. But, in case of your relationship, your past should be like an open book to your partner, through which he/she could understand you even more, and know about all your fears and achievements from the past. And because he/she loves you, your ’embarrassing’ memories won’t be embarrassing anymore. He/she will find beauty in every memory which you consider depressing. That’s the beauty of a relationship, it’s based on love, and nothing negative should exist in a place where there is love.

4. Your Personal Problems

Remember that, when you are in a serious relationship, your problems also become your partner’s problems. And you shouldn’t shy away from telling them to him/her. He/she will understand you and encourage you to confidently deal with them. Don’t think that your partner might scream at you, or get angry with you if you try to share your problems with him/her. In a true relationship, there is no room for short-tempered and non-cooperative people, and if you ARE scared of your partner then you are trapped in a wrong relationship, and you need to get out of it ASAP.

5. Your Financial Status

A temporary partner believes in your bank balance and a serious partner believes that you are capable of increasing your bank balance. Serious partners are supportive, things such as their partner’s low bank balance statements don’t bother them, because love isn’t about money. Money can buy you memorable time with your partner but not an unbreakable trust. Don’t shy away from revealing your true financial standing to your partner, he/she will always support you. And unlike others, he/she won’t even ask you to return the money they used in helping you out by paying your loans. It’s nothing to be ashamed about. In a strong relationship, people think about long term goals, and revealing your financial standing is very important if you want to have a strong future.

6. Your Limits

We all have our own boundaries in respect with several matters, like we have our own limits on expenditure, free time, etc. And it’s better to stay within these limits rather than going beyond them and excusing yourself by saying that you’re young; you’re young not dumb. Yes, you do love your partner, but you also have your identity; your personal space, where you like to do things you love. It’s necessary to spend quality time with your partner, but there should be a limit to it. You love your partner, but you can’t party with him/her most of the time, there also exists a thing called ‘career’, which should be the main concern of both you and your partner. Explain this to him/her, tell your partner about your limits and how you are determined to stay within them.

7. Your Expectations

It’s necessary to know which direction your relationship is heading towards – right or wrong. Your ambition and his/her ambition should be clear to you both, and they should complement each other instead of colliding. We all are different people, with different aspirations, but when we are in a serious relationship our expectations in life should be known to our partner, because they are a big part of our life; not as big as our career, but also not smaller.

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