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Want to be happy? You need to avoid these!


Everyone wants to lead a happy life. There will hardly be a few people who wish to be in the doom state for long. Yes, of course there are people who seem so frustrated and get so much engraved in their sadness that they forget to see the brighter side of their life. So how can you assure yourself a happy well-being? What is the secret behind the happiness? Can money buy everything, inclusive of a happy life? Well, certainly not. There are a few common reasons for the sadness of people. And pertaining to those common reasons are common solutions which people are forgetting in this complex world of modern lifestyles. Here is a list of things you should do to be happy.

Stop caring about these to lead a happy life!



Failure is the biggest F word one can imagine. So if there was another word running in your mind, then it is just nothing when compared to failure. Failures can demotivate and demoralize someone to the ground levels. You should stop caring about failures. If you care too much about the failures, you will never see what lies ahead. Remember that failures are the stepping stones to success. Moreover, you should not refrain from doing something assuming you will fail. Always have a positive attitude and forget this word called as failure!

Oh this past!

You should learn to live in the present. Living in your old memories will always hamper your preparations for the present and the future. Most of the times people think of their past and curse themselves for doing wrong things. They feel that they got the treatment they didn’t deserve and were betrayed on numerous occasions. The more they think about it, the harder it becomes for them to come out of the web. So it is always better not to look back at the gloomy past and rather focus on what is coming your way next! Learn from the mistakes you committed in your past.

What do they think about me?

This is the worst question one can ask someone or even ask themselves for that matter. You should never do things to please others; unless you are looking to cement your berth in the office and be in the good books of your boss. The more you try to think about the opinions of other people, the worse your situation would get. Remember that the people are bound to praise and criticize you for every action of yours. Thinking about their reactions before doing something for you is simply a waste of time.

Regrets and what could have happened!

How often do we see people ranting over the past things and regret that they could have done this and done that. What is the point of thinking that way? You should never live in a world of “what ifs”. You should know that you had your opportunities and you could not convert them. Accept this fact. If you keep on thinking about this, you will end up getting sad. The only way you can be happy is by living a life with no regrets. If you have committed mistakes in past and you regret them, simply accept it. You cannot undo your wrong doings. So try to make up for it through your actions in present. And leave the rest for the time to heal.


Feeling of unwanted

Yet another common issue in the present world scenario, people have the fear of rejections. If you like a girl, have the chutzpah to go and say it to her. Why do you fear the rejection? You should not live in a future when you would say that you could have said it to your loved one but didn’t because you had the fear of rejection. How can you be happy in such a case?

Being perfect

Do not try to be what others want you to be. Be yourself and love yourself the way you are. The ones who really care for you would never want you to change and love you in any situation. People are a victim of their own aspirations. They strive hard to become perfect. In order to achieve this, they often get deviated and lose their usual self. There is no point in trying to be someone which affects your natural thyself. So stop wondering how perfect you are and be happy the way you are.

Too much of planning!

The moment you start planning too much about your future, you end up messing things for yourself. You start building the castles in air and hope for some miracles to happen and at times plan herculean activities. But if at all you fail to achieve any of these things, your mind starts cursing you. You start feeling that you are the unluckiest person on the planet and every wrong thing in bound to come your way. This is the last thing you need. So live in the present. Of course you should plan your future but this doesn’t mean you will write your destiny’s every second. When you start doing this, you will soon realize you have run out of age. And all your plans that were to be executed have already timed out. So will the planning work in such case?


Do not think too much about the past and don’t expect too much from the future. Be content with what you have and lead a happy life.


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