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Want to Gain Weight?


How often do we see people taking serious steps in order to bulk up and become fat and get some weight? It is not a rare sight to see people preparing heavy diets and try to gulp up every next thing but end up getting sick. At times, a few handful of quack doctors take the benefit of this nerve of the masses and fill their stomachs selling their supplement food items and stuff. Well, why worry so much and fall prey to such sickly practices? Here are some effective tips and methods to gain weight.

Tips to Gain Weight

Eat a lot but eat sensibly

This is a very basic fact that the more you eat, the more weight you gain. This analogy is kind of directly proportional method. But eating alone is not important. What matters is you should eat sensibly. Choose your foods well. Eating a lot of junk would only help you get unwanted weight. Try to eat more calories than you burn. Eat a lot of protein rich foods like nuts, eggs, meat etc as they are the building blocks of the body. Eating fat rich foods would give you belly flab and so you should stick to your protein diet.

Calorie Intake


The most important aspect of weight gaining is calorie intake. Calories help you to gain mass and weight. So the more calories you take, the better it gets. The easiest way of increasing your calorie intake is to double the food that you are eating at present. This is because you simply can’t calculate how much of calorie you are taking in, so stick to the previous point of eating more. More foods are nothing but more calories. More calories, say 500 extra calories every day will help you gain a pound every day.

Two Square Meals? No!

Do not believe the old adage of eating two square meals a day. You should increase the number of meals you take every day. The more meals you take, the better are your chances of gaining fat. Start your day with a cereal or oat meal breakfast. Have a glass of juice after sometime. Have a heavy breakfast and then try eating even after that. A bit of snacks would do. Have a glass of milk for your afternoon breakfast along with some toast. A good lavish dinner should be perfect for you to end your day.

Sleep: more or less?

It is a common misconception that being a dozing buffalo helps you get more weight. But the fact is that when you sleep more, your body metabolism rate increases, the calories get burned much more easily and thus you end up getting nowhere. You remain the same. However, this is applicable in the case when you have the habit of eating and sleeping right away. You can wait for some time and then take your regular nap. This would be helpful. Sleeping too less would be another problem. So make sure you have an apt sleeping time. Sleep for 8 hours a day and that should be enough for your everyday need.

Should you workout?

Yes. This definitely helps you. There is another misconception that work outs help you to only shape your muscles but this is not true. Working out everyday helps you not only tone your muscle but add mass to it as well. It is not necessary for you to hit the gym (though gym would yield instant results). You can do a bit of home work out like doing pushups and crunches or squats at home. Moreover, exercising increases your appetite and thus you get hungrier and end up eating a lot more than you usually eat. Working out helps your muscles to get strong and gives you monster mass. In case you join a gym, consult your trainer and get to know the mass and weight gaining exercises.



Cardio exercises refer to the exercises which help you to sweat out. Some of the common cardio exercises are running, cycling and walking on the treadmill. In case when you are wishing to increase your weight, you should not indulge yourself in cardio activities. Cardio exercises will burn your calories and hamper your weight gaining efforts. You can do a bit of cardio at the beginning of your exercise session as it would help you to warm up your body.

Health Supplements

Health supplements are probably the easiest way of gaining weight. You just need to eat them sensibly. There are a variety of health supplements available in the market and you can take one depending on your needs. However, it is always advisable for you to consult a diet expert before you take up a health supplement. You need to undergo a regular check up to find whether your body is compatible for the supplement you are planning to take. But mere intake of the supplements will not help you. It might give you a few side effects if you don’t know the real work of the supplement. Supplement, as the name suggests, is a side take on after your daily work out. While taking health supplements, make sure you exercise more and more. Exercise as much as you can when you are taking these. This is a sure shot way to gain weight.


Weight gaining is not a tough nut to crack provided you do it in a sensibly. So if you want to put up a few pounds do it in the right manner and prosper on the results.

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