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Walk That Talk


Everybody can do it, still nobody does it. Because since it is one of the easiest things to do, it inspires utmost laziness. But remember, a walk a day keeps the illness away. So has been said in ancient sciences and recent studies and so says the common sense. We too have promised ourselves to walk daily whenever we have been reminded how healthy it is, done so on the same day because we were determined and then forgot all about it the very next day. Well, there have been enough of conversations about walking, now it’s time to walk that talk.

Normally walking is considered to be an exercise to keep the weight in check. People in the parks or out in streets early morning or in the evening walk either to loose weight or to stay fit. But that may well be the smallest of it’s advantages! People who walk regularly safeguard much more components of their health than just their weight. Be it physical, psychological or even global, walking is one of those little things that make a huge difference. One step ahead of the other for half an hour a day can take you one step ahead of the others in your life. While some are still busy hugging their beds in the morning, there is a lot you can do.

Starting with the obvious and world-famous one, it keeps the weight in check. Walking is an exercise that burns sufficient number of calories – around 250 an hour – without tiring the person much. Be it a child, an old man or an obese, anyone can do it for any duration of time. That’s why it is certainly the easiest exercise. Walking early in the morning or in evening freshens you up while walking in the afternoon (most probably during summers) boosts your Vitamin D levels. Hence any person can walk for any period of time at any time of day. There are no conditions required for it. It is also recommended for diabetic patients. It lowers blood glucose level and improves the body’s ability to use insulin, an important function to ward off diabetes. Walking at a brisk pace increases your heart rate, making it pump the blood faster to different body parts and strengthening the heart, thereby reducing the risk of stroke. It also burns up fat and reduces the cholesterol level of a person. It tones up the leg muscles since they come into use all the while.

Brisk Walk

It also acts as a recreational activity. In the times of stress such as exams or hectic work schedule, people prefer to take a break once in a while and go out for a walk. It takes mind off the topic and gives your brain time to relax and recharge, keeping the person from collapsing under the workload. Therefore walking is also a stress buster and provides recreation to the body, enabling the person to perform better under pressure.

Walking is good for health and preferring to walk for a purpose is good for health as well as the world. Avoiding the use of personal transport and walking instead to a nearby place for any purpose accounts for the daily walk required for a healthy body and also saves fuel, more importantly preventing pollution.

Moving over to the complex benefits of walking, it may seem like a paradox but a brisk walk is one of the best energizers around. It boosts blood circulation and increases oxygen supply to each and every cell of the body, allowing them to function better and hence produce more energy for the body to work with. Walking has also been proved to improve memory power as more quantity of fresh oxygen is supplied to the brain enabling the cells to perform better. And as unlikely as it may seem, but walking also has a part to play in the prevention of cancer. Recent studies show that those of us who are active in walking have a twenty percent lower risk of developing cancer of the colon, breast and womb. Another study shows that people who walk regularly generally live 1.3 years longer than those who don’t. Thus it’s not only weight, walking also helps in providing energy to the body, preventing cancer and even increase the life expectancy.

Life Expectancy

Therefore, walk. No matter for what reason! Even if you do it for one only, you are bound to be endowed with all it’s benefits. Walking is no longer limited to be a recreational activity only and it’s health benefits necessitate it’s inclusion into the daily routine. There are hundreds of people doing it without even knowing how much they are improving in their life, why can’t you even after knowing it? It’s an easy task that even gives you some alone time, and a chance to plan or analyse your whole day. There is no need to make others aware, everybody knows what a boon walking is and no one even wants to know whether you are active or not. Therefore stop counting out and agreeing to all it’s advantages and just walk that talk if you want to be a part of a better life.

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