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Walk to Knock off those Extra Kilos


Recently while travelling through the Delhi Metro I overheard a conversation of two young men. I know, I know, eavesdropping is a sin and I, wholeheartedly feel apologetic for it but let me confess it was worth it. So there were these two men discussing something weird which caught my attention. The chubby guy was somehow trying to convince his friend that walking can help you lose weight. The more you walk, the more you lose. I mean, seriously? Is it that easy? I kept wondering if it was just a lame joke or whether it had some trace of truth in it. I instantly googled about it and guess what? This is the new fad amongst youngsters these days.

For all those people who are tired of going to the gym or are simply tired of dressing up for the gym which is a much harder task in itself, here is the new deal that’s called walking. After doing all days work and sweating your butt off at office, it is really a gruesome task to get up from that tempting couch and drag up your feet towards the nearest gym. After the hard-work of the entire day (even though you only sit and stare at your computer) it is really a gruelling task to head out to a gym and sweat some more. By the end of the day a personal is physically drained out and needs some sound sleep and some jog over the treadmill. Honestly, how many of us would go to the gym after having a hard day? A very few, I suppose and only the fitness junkies. But the rest would happily retire to the sofa and watch their favourite show.

Even when we swear to ourselves a million times, we have to accept that we cannot get up early in the morning, not for a cardio session anyways. So gyming early morning is a definite No-No.

May 20 2014 (1)

Seems like the world is finally over the `fitness-addiction’ and `the-gym-for-style-quotient-days.’

Then there are people who are bored of the usual and monotonous routine of gyming and hence go for aerobics and dance classes. But even after some time that gets a bit too boring when all you have to do is repeat the same steps everyday. The same style, the same songs, the same old thing. Finally people get irked because of the dull schedule of this fitness idea. The zumba classes, belly dancing classes all get dull after some time.

For a few who can barely afford such hi-end gyms and expensive salsa classes, there is new fitness idea which has already dominated the young mind. The easy and simple solution to all your health problems- WALKING.

Even though its the most underrated idea of fitness, it does fetch good results. A study by a Japanese researcher named Dr.Yoshiro Hatano determines that the average steps taken by a person range between 3500-5000 per day. He claims that if they increase their steps to 10,000 a day they would be able to stay fit and lean.

After further research, World Health Organisation(WHO), US Centre for Disease Control, American Heart Foundation, and the National Heart Foundation of Australia have recommended their citizens to try and achieve the 10,000 target to improve their health and lifestyle.

May 20 2014 (1)
1. Easy and cheap!

Walking is easy and doesn`t require much of an effort. Plus, it`s cheap. Easily affordable and doesn`t pinch a hole in your pocket. Doesn`t require you to dress up a bit or look gym ready or zumba ready. All you need is dedication and patience to see the results. People of all ages, sizes and shapes can take up this new fitness trend.


  1. Anywhere! Anytime!

You know what`s the best part of walking? You can do anywhere, anytime. Just ditch the escalators this time and go for the stairs. Have ten minutes spare? Head out for a stroll. Have an errand to do? Go ahead, walk for it. Now you don`t have to specifically take out some special time for your body. Never realized losing weight is this easy!


Don`t be intimidated by this huge number rather take it in your stride. It isn`t something unrealistic or unachievable instead it`s a very pragmatic approach. You need not fret over the idea of having to remember and count each step. There are some really cheap and inexpensive mobile application which you can easily download in your cellphones and you’re ready to go. Apps like FITBIT and NIKE FUEL help track the number of steps taken each day. These step counters work phenomenally well and track your daily activity as well. The number of steps you take, the distance you cover, the time you’re active, the amount of calories you burn and just about everything related to it.

May 20 2014 (2)

These can even help you analyze your process over a period of seven days. You can improve on your lack in the coming days then. Not just this they even calculate the simple movements you make while getting up and setting.  Some pedometers even offer a corresponding diet plan and help you lose weight effectively. A few might require your personal details like height, weight and age for giving out accurate results.

So, what are you `WEIGHTING` for now?

Get up from that lousy chair and walk your way to fitness with ease.

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