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Use ‘Use Me’


There is a beauty in walking across high class areas where everything is perfect; the homes, the streets, the surroundings. And there is a different beauty altogether in roaming around rest of the India. Because even in places where no man has reached yet, man’s waste has already made its place. We Indians are unique, we call our land our home and then rot it like enemy’s! Be it the north or the south, the story remains the same. More Bisleri bottles are available empty on the roads than filled at roadsides. And the sad fact is that it is considered normal, no attention is paid to any waste lying around every nook and corner because it’s a part of our lives now.

‘Anything. Anywhere.’ That could easily be the motto of us Indians. Because we can literally throw anything from paper to wash basins anywhere from playing grounds to highways. We are really working hard to prove that we can make a dustbin out of our country. And while the other countries who may know this will call it a shame upon us in their magazines, we are happy to just grunt at these magazines, crumple and throw them away with disgust. That may well be our problem. We don’t consider our wrong to be wrong and when someone points it out to us, well… Who cares?

It seems like our habit has become more important than our responsibilities. That’s why despite causing land pollution, water pollution and every other kind of deterioration to this environment, the practice is still prevalent. Let alone stop, no one even wants to acknowledge it as a problem. Throwing waste anywhere is in our blood. And although there are vast dumping grounds dedicated to collecting garbage from all over the area, a little dustbin can be made from every neighborhood of the country. Bottles, paper, poly-bags, pieces of clothes are some of the common sights in every street one turns into. There are workers who sweep the streets twice every month collecting that garbage and they are welcomed each time to hoards of it. The use of dustbin has been restricted to indoor waste only; when you are outside, the world is your dustbin!

Street Sweeper

So where lies the problem? Is it the lack of public dustbins? Maybe yes. There are rarely any dustbins in any major markets or shopping centers or even highways to encourage people to use them. That is one of the reasons people tend to throw their garbage anywhere they feel like. The government finds it easier to provide people for cleaning the streets than to provide dustbins to keep the streets clean. Setting up dustbins will solve much problem as regular workers won’t be required and the garbage could be collected once a month without consuming any time. The hygiene of the area would improve and the beauty of the place would also be maintained – not spoiled by the litter lying around. Therefore, installing dustbins would help a place retain it’s original beauty without any garbage hampering it.

Besides that, there is one more thing that could be done. And that is taking up responsibility. It’s our nation and we are the only ones responsible for it’s betterment. Garbage having more freedom in it than the people showcases us in the bad light and we need to carry our responsibility to improve it’s standard up-to the mark. All we need to do is carry around our waste with us for a bit. It would be far better to carry the wrappers, the bottles and poly-bags stacked in our pockets until a dustbin is available to dispose them than to throw them as soon as they get into your hands. And although first priority of most is to get rid of it as soon as they get hold of it, you could do your bit to let someone who deserves it have it, the dustbin. Make other people notice what you are doing. Because when someone doing wrong sees you doing something right, it embarrasses him. Maybe it won’t make a lot of difference, but if even a single person feels the guilt and decides to use the ‘Use Me’ you would have done more than enough.

Garbage into Dustbin

A healthy population resides in a healthy country. The way we have treated our land by disposing all our waste all over it, it has become more of a dumping ground than a home. If we do regard it as our home, we must realize that it is time to clean it. The government has labors working on it. However, we too must contribute by not contributing to the waste. A cleaner India would be a lot better to live in than the present India because beauty always makes one happy. The cleaner it stays, the better we will stay. The surroundings that convey it’s okay to throw rubbish around didn’t do so when we started it. Similarly they aren’t going to tell us to stop. We need to see for ourselves that the land beneath this garbage is worth exposing and hence, let’s use the dustbin for all our crap and not the land.

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