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Are you in an unhealthy relationship?


Unhealthy relationships often leave us feeling uncomfortable, sad and afraid. It’s hard to admit when someone isn’t treating us well or respectful, especially when that person is a lover.  This doesn’t mean if someone treats you badly or you have a disagreement that the relationship is automatically unhealthy. Disagreements happen in healthy relationships all the time.  What makes a relationship healthy is being able to compromise when disagreements occur.
The signs of unhealthy relationship include :-

1) Insulting your partner

When a couple insults each other all the time . It is a clear sign that love is missing between them . Insulting someone is already the sign of unethiqueness. And insulting your partner may lead to many arguments and fights ahead.

2) Physical abuse :-

Hitting someone , troubling someone physically is the biggest sign of an unhealthy relationship . Relationship of love should never convert into relationship of abuse.


3) One partner needing to control the other:-

Controlling your partner is a bad idea . Everyone has the right to live their life as they want . No one can force or control you to do things . It is a sign of unhealthy relationship

4)Focusing all your energy on your partner:-

After a period of time every relationship needs space . Everyone needs to live their life . A relationship becomes very suffocating if one partner just focusses on the other . This leads to problems and fights.

5)Trying to change yourself or your partner to be what you want them to be:-

After you enter a relationship ! Changes are necessary but not so much that the person himself changes . It is very wrong is he/she is trying to change the partner . The partner further feels suffocated .

6) Dropping friends and family or activities you enjoy:-

Many relationships lead to this sign . Giving importance only to the partner and leaving their family and friends . This type of things happen only in a unhealthy relationship.

7) Having one partner makes all the decisions:-

A couple is a pair of two people . All the decision should be taken by both of them rather than only one of the partner taking the decision and acting like a boss.

8) Having more bad times in the relationship than good:-

A relationship of love should be a happy relationship . The pair would preferably enjoy and live happily . Rather than fighting and having arguments .


9) Your personal growth can not flourish in the relationship:-

Whereas healthy relationships offer safe havens for personal growth, people who feel that their own growth and happiness needs to be sacrificed for the survival of the relationship often find themselves going the wrong way in the tunnel of love.

10) Lack of trust :-

A relationship is formed of love and most importantly trust . If you don’t trust that person how can the relationship be healthy ?

11) Always blaming :-

Blaming each other for no reasons .Is a sign of unhealthiest ! Relationship comprises of love and care and not for blaming each other .Girls, your partner is not always the person to blame for everything, he is not the person you should be blaming everything on and vice versa.

12 You take each other for granted :-

One of the clearest signs of an unhealthy relationship is that you constantly are taking your partner for granted. you just assume that he is going to stay with you! you assume that your girlfriend is going to pack your lunch every day? These little things can actually break up a relationship .

13) No communication :-

Another sign involves no communication. Can you walk into a room and not say anything at all to your partner for hours? Sharing things with your boyfriend is very necessary . And it requires communication.

14). Keeping secrets :-

When you’re in a relationship, there should be no reason to keep secrets from your partner. If you feel that he’s not trustworthy or that he’ll use the information against you, this is definitely unhealthy! Couples should be able to talk openly with one another without having to keep secrets.

Unhealthy relationships lead to sadness,discomfort and depression sometimes . One person is very deeply hurt while the other is happy in such type of relationship . The signs above are a clear sign of unhealthiness . If these signs are happening with you !you need help !
Help can be done by telling to a close one that might be a friend or a family member . Or speaking to a doctor of mental science of behaviour “Psychologist”. Telling things to someone will make you calm and relaxed .Another option if you find your relation unhealthy you need to speak to your partner about it and find a solution . If you still find yourself suffocated you should breakup or divorce with partner . That’s the best option .After the breakup you miss him /her and feel depressed but the fact staying with him was not a good choice because your compatibility level did not match . Many things in life happen but life moves on and doesn’t waits for any one . Start a new beginning I.e a fresh start and make yourself Happy and feel wonderful about your new life . These things are very common in today’s  generation . Today’s life is too fast ,so it is easy to handle such things .

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