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4 Tupac Shakur songs that will inspire you!

4 Tupac Shakur songs that will inspire you!
4 Tupac Shakur songs that will inspire you!

Tupac Shakur is a legend in every sense. His songs have inspired millions of people across the world. The level of emotion this guy put in his songs is incredible. All his albums are a delight to listen to. Talk about rapping, Tupac had mastered every aspect of this art form. He was a gifted poet and he evolved his poetries into rap songs. He is one of the most respected and loved rappers of all time. Sadly, This guy passed away at a mere age of 24. But his songs have been there in the hearts of people and they always will. Here is a list of a few must listen Tupac songs that will inspire you-

Life Goes On

Back in the 1990s, street violence in American ghettos was a usual happening. After every day or two, young people would kill each other because of pity fights and grudges. All this trauma and tragedy made Tupac emotional. He cared about his brothers and did not want them to die so young. He talks about friendship. He talks about a high school friend who was killed due to a pity street fight. He remembered the time when they were teenagers. They used to get drunk, smoke weed, and have fun. But, now since he is gone, Tupac feels terrible. He places his emotions on the fact that street violence does no good to anyone. Tupac got a Tattoo with his friends name on his arm. This is a beautiful song and leaves many people with their eyes welled. The way he described his childhood days and the present scenario is an inspiration for any aspiring rapper.

Dear Mama

Another honest and emotional portrayal of Tupac’s life. Tupac dedicates this song to his mother, Afeni Shakur. Afeni Shakur was a black panther activist and fought for black rights. As a kid, Tupac had a tough life due to poverty and racial discrimination. He was often suspended from school for breaking rules. Even though he was a rebel but he got unconditional love from his mother. His mother worked double shifts to feed his children. She came home late to cook them a hot plate of food. She was always there for Tupac. Now when, Tupac is a famous rapper, he wants to dedicate his life to her. ‘Ain’t no women alive that can take my mama’s place’ is a very famous line from the song. Dear Mama is one of the most popular Tupac Shakur song. It is deep. It is emotional. It made me cry the first time I listened it. For all the people who haven’t yet listened to any Tupac songs, Dear Mama is the best song to start.

Keep Ya Head Up

Another touching yet powerful song by Tupac. A very catchy hook, Tupac’s verses in the song are poetically flawless. In the first verse of the song, Tupac talks to the girl of the ghetto. He tells them to not trust a man who has bad intentions. He contemplates about the plight of the ghetto women. He talks about they are badly treated and raped. He says that a real man is one who respects women and never takes her for granted. He urges all the men to treat their women with respect. Hell tells them that you came from a woman, got your name from a woman. In the second verse, Tupac talks about the tough lives lived by the people of the ghetto. He talks about how the government can spend millions on war but can’t find food for the starving people of the ghetto. He makes you feel his pain. He discusses the event in his lives where he had to struggle to keep up with the downturns of life. A delight to listen to, Keep ya head is a must listen song for all Hip Hop lovers or music lovers I should say.


Changes is another touching Tupac Shakur song that will inspire you. In this song, Tupac talks about the ill effects of racism. Being a black man, It was tough for Tupac to make a living. He depicts the hardships faced by the black community in America. He talks about why black people had to sell drugs to make a living. How the police bothered the black people for no reason. He talked about making changes, to see every one as your brother instead of a distant stranger. With a very provocative hook, Changes is one of the best songs by Tupac Shakur.


“It’s the game of life. Do I win or do I lose? One day they’re gonna shut the game down. I gotta have as much fun and go around the board as many times as I can before it’s my turn to leave.”







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