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A Treat for your Feet!


We care so much about face, our hands, our skin, but our poor feet are normally left uncared for. Why? Are they so bad? Well, I would say that every part of the body is equally important. We often neglect our feet thinking that they are not that important or that they go unnoticed. But, that is not the case. Do you know a survey says that the first thing people notice in a stranger is his/her feet? Feet are very important and most neglected body part. They help us walk and run. They take our entire body weight and help us transfer our weight from one foot to another. Why not dedicate an hour for them once in a while?

We spend so much of money buying shoes for our feet. Why don’t we think about making them look pretty even without those shoes? The cracks or the loose skin or bad cuticles or the unpainted nails, why are they not taken care of? I think it is because we just do not think about our feet that much. We may even complain about how they are not as soft as they were before, but when it comes to action, we do not have the heart to take care of our feet. We think that since we are the only ones who look at our feet closely, it just will not matter whether they are looked after or not. Also, we are more busy trying to beautify our face that we neglect the feet, that are the base of the body. We need to realize that body care for beauty means taking care of the entire body and not only those parts that we feel are obviously visible to the people around us. Here are a few simple things we can do everyday to treat our feet better!

1) Dress them nice

I am all for wearing heels in the office but, we need to let the feet be free after that! You have got to take those heels off. Wearing flats after work is a motto you should adopt right now! Heels sure do look gorgeous but they really tire the feet out. Also, wearing heels is not good for the spine. One should take proper care with the kind of shoes that we wear. The shoes that you wear should not be tight or loose. They should be the perfect fit. Otherwise they can damage the bones. You should wear comfortable shoes. The shoes should also be the right material. You flip flops or flats this summer. Open shoes help us avoid a lot of feet related problems. Plus, they keep us away from stinky feet!

2) Walk a lot

Feet have muscles like every other part of the body. You need to exercise your feet as well. They spend most of their time trapped in shoes. A walk helps the feet get their exercise and makes them stronger. If your feet are not used to walking, try walking on a somewhat carpeted surface like grass or the beach! Keep a check on the health of your feet. If you develop a problem, you should go see a doctor!

3) Keep them clean

Your feet have glands that make them sweat. Obviously. Specially in the summer heat! A lot of bacteria and germs get accumulated on the feet. To avoid any serious infection and to keep them clean and fresh, wash your feet properly at the end of every single day. Pay attention to the small area between two toes. Use a goof foot scrub and wrap them up in a towel and pat dry when you are done washing them. You can try soaking your feet in simple hot water that has a little liquid soap. It softens the skin. You can even use a pumice stone to rid get of the dirt and dead skin cells.

4) Moisture needs

Your feet can dry and crack up when you do not take adequate care of them. To avoid this, after washing your feet, you should pat them dry and then moisturize them properly. Massaging the feet helps in improving the blood circulation in the feet and makes us feel fresh and energetic as well. Basic creams or moisturizers are fine. If you are a salon girl, be careful with the products and tubs used for pedicures.

5) Sock Drawer

We only concentrate of getting ourselves shoes but not socks. Why? Socks are important. They absorb all the moisture and sweat. They also help us avoid blisters which occur due to constant rubbing of the skin with the shoe. Socks come in so many materials and colors nowadays. Such pretty prints! Jazz up that sock drawer for the love of your feet!

These simple things can help you take care of your feet in a good and simple way. Nothing fancy needed. Our feet are just humble organs that generally do not demand for much of anything but just your love and care. You can make your nails look pretty by painting them in colors that suit for skin tone. There is such a wide range of options these days.

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