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Top ways to enjoy summer



Summer is the most awaited time period which brings brightness and happiness with him. This is the time when you have no tensions, no fear and no stress of schools. Even office workers too get some holidays or special workers get family holiday packages so that they can enjoy their summers at full. Summer is the time when you do not have to cover up yourself from the environment and can wear small, light, bright clothes. It is the time when you can enjoy the beautiful warm atmosphere and when you go out with your friends and family on beaches, long journeys and many other adventurous places, where you have never gone before for enjoying the best of summer. Summer brings the season of no restrictions like in winters you SHOULD take care of your skin, you SHOULD wear woolen clothes, and you SHOULD take bath with hot water. There is no such tensions in summers, you can live in whatever way you want.

Plan for a summer camp

summer camp

You should ask your parents for summer camps. And if they don’t agree then you should make some good efforts in order to convince them. Summer camps are the best way to enjoy summers. Only on summer camps you can enjoy the warm and cool atmosphere of summer. Summer camps should be made at higher altitude in open places like hill tops, safe jungles etc. In open places you can get the actual taste of summers. Summer camps also help you to make new friends and make beautiful memories.

It’s your time now

its time

During summers it is said that the days are very long. And so you are left with a lot of idle time. Now what do you think about sharpening your skills by utilizing this idle time. And in fact you can go for those activities in which you have interest but did not get time to join and learn them. You can do whatever you want to do, you can go wherever you want to go but do not ever sit idle. There is a phrase “an empty mind is the mind of devil”, and it is well obvious that you do not want to become a devil. You have thousands of options in front of you regarding the vocational activities, all you have to do it to TAKE SOME INTEREST in them.

Just relax


Whole year you were working and working and working. Without a single day miss, your mind was occupied in searching the solutions of various problems. Now its time to take a deep breathe of calmness. Relax yourself by taking some extra naps, lying down your bed and feeling the fresh air, watch your favorite things which make you forget everything. If you do not want relax in this way then go and join some early morning yoga classes. Yoga classes conducted in open space like parks, gardens are considered to be the best tension releaser. In this way your hardworking brain which works for 24*7, will also get some rest. You can sing songs or spiritual bhajans (whichever you want) while doing yoga. It makes the environment very calm and soothing one around you.

Do something sporty


During summers, do something which is not your cup of tea. In simple words you should try some new and exciting and mind-blowing things which you have never done before. You should do something which is totally different from your daily schedule or else you life will become a bore. Start taking up challenges, they really helps you in boosting up your confidence. These exciting and adventurous things will build your self confidence and will charge your energy which got used up during the year. Go on for some adventurous trips or hikes, they are the best sporty things you can do.

Go for novels


Now novels are very time consuming item. Once you start reading a good and interesting novel then you will not be able to leave it until it is completed. But the problem comes in time management. It is impossible to extract that much time from our daily schedule. But not worry, summers are here and now you have a lot of time for reading and in fact writing as well. If you have passion of writing then you can fulfill this passion of your in summers. In this way you will be able to proudly that, “yes I have done the proper utilization of this beautiful summer time”.

Stay out


Now in summers too most of the people stay at home in fans or coolers and avoid going out because it is very hot outside. Now this is a very stupid and silly reason. Obviously it will be hot outside since summers is going on, you can’t expect a chilly weather during summer season. And for protection from sunburns and heatstroke, you have so many options available in the market like sunscreens for your skin, cool talc for your body, sunglasses for your eyes, caps for your head and now what else do you want. And even if you are so cautious about sun’s heat then go for movies or swimming. But do not sit idly at home, it will make you lazier than before.


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