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Top ways to control your anger



Anger is one of the most common characteristic of humans. People generally lose their state of mind, when they are angry. They tend to do things which are considered to be terrible. Anger can make you do such things which will lead you to a dangerous situation. So to escape from such dangerous situations, you should control your anger. So here we have the list of ways which can help you in controlling your anger.

Patience can lead to happiness


You should always keep in mind that patience is something which will take you to the correct path. So whenever you face any tough situation, try to have some patience. Anger in the place of patience will always put you in risky situations. So always try to be patient in each and every case.

Check your attitude


Attitude matters a lot in every case. Things can be handled in a proper manner if they are viewed with positive attitude. Negative attitude can make the situation more hazardous. So whenever you face any kind of awkward situation, try to solve that particular situation by putting in some positive attitude into it.

Ignore things


There are people who always try to invoke you by doing this which will irritate you. People do such things to invoke you so that you make any wrong move. In such cases you are required to be alert. Whenever you feel that someone is trying to invoke you by doing things which irritate you, then in such situation you should start ignoring the person as well as his deeds. If you will ignore the person then anger won’t come to your place and the person will not succeed in invoking you. There are several ways to ignore someone. Simply leave the place where someone is trying to irritate you. If you are not supposed to leave the place then indulge yourself in some work. this will help you in ignoring that person.

People always like patient and well mannered person


Anger can sometimes be the reason to destroy your image. People always like to be with the person who is well behaved and well mannered. No one likes to be with someone who is short tempered and unrefined. So you should control your anger in public places. Keep in mind that your social image is at stake. This thought will help you in controlling you anger at public places. So always keep the aspect of your social image in your mind before doing any stuff which will destroy your image.

Relax when you are angry


Relaxation is the most beneficial thing which will help you in controlling your anger immediately. If you are angry then you should relax for 5 minutes. This 5 minutes reaction will control your anger immediately. While being angry, if you are standing then you should sit. And if you are already sitting then you should stretch out for some time. This therapy will help you in overcoming your anger. So always keep in mind that relaxation is the key to control your anger

Think logically


Another way to control your anger is to think logically. Logic can helps in overcoming your anger. Whenever you get angry, try to think about the issue logically and eventually you will observe that your anger is vanishing. Thinking will take some time which will make you forget about you anger before you tend to do anything which is hazardous. In some cases you tend to misunderstand the situation and this misunderstanding makes you angry but if you will think logically, this misunderstanding will be automatically solved. So always try to think logically before taking any step.


Do not communicate to the person you are angry with

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This is another way to save you from getting into nay hazardous situation. If you are angry with some person then you should not communicate with him until you control your anger. Anger is something which weakens your thinking power and so in anger state you tend to do anything without giving it a thought. So in this case you should not talk to the person who is responsible for your anger. If you will communicate in angry state then there are possibilities that you may use some abusive language which will demolish your relations with that particular person.


Take a deep breath


Deep breathing is a phenomenon which is considered to be the best therapy in the case of anger. So whenever you are angry take a deep breathe and think about the good deeds which the person (with whom you are angry) has done for you.


Start counting


This is the most common and well known technique to reduce your anger. Around 90 percent of the people make use of this technique to reduce their anger. This technique says that whenever you are angry start counting the number from one to ten in increasing order.


Drink some chilled water


Whenever you get angry, drink some chilled water. This technique will help you in overcoming your anger. And even if after drinking water, your anger has not reduced then you can make use of newspapers to reduce your anger. Take out all your anger on the newspapers by tearing them. This technique will definitely help you.

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