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Decorate Your Room Better


You bedroom is the place where you spend most of your time. If your bedroom is arranged beautiful and properly then your mood will always remain good when you will stay in your bedroom. But if your bedroom is not arranged in the proper manner then you won’t feel good while staying in your bedroom. So you should arrange your bedroom properly rather you should decorate it. Decorating a room is not a big deal rather it is quite easy to decorate your room. So here we have some simple tips which will help you in decorating your room.

Arrange your pillows


Arranging all the pillows in a particular manner can make your room more attractive. Take all the pillows and cover them with different coloured pillow covers. You can choose a large variety of pillow covers with different patterns. These different pillow covers will make your pillows more attractive. After covering all the pillow cover arrange them in a pile. This tip will enhance the beauty of your bed. This is a very simple and unique technique to decorate your room. You can also use pillows of different sizes to make it look more unique.

Big graphic quilt and photograph hierarchy


Big graphic quilt is very useful in covering a big blank wall. So i if you have a big empty wall in your room then select a big graphic quilt and hang it on that big empty wall. You can hang a handmade quilt. If you don’t have a graphic quilt then you can make use of photographs. You can make a photograph tree on the empty wall. This photograph tree will cover the emptiness of your room. Additionally this tree will help you in cherishing your memories.

Use some potted plants

potted planst

This tip is basically for nature lovers. If you love greenery then this tip can help you in getting a green environment in your room. Potted plants are easily available in the market. Select you favourite potted plant and arrange these plants in your room. You can also hang these plants inside your room. Make sure the colours of the pots match the colour of paint in your room.

Floor cushions

floor cushions

Generally in bedrooms additional sitting is not available. You can use floor cushions to add some additional sitting. Floor cushions will enhance the beauty of your house and it will also help you in adding more colours in your room. These floor cushions are moveable and so you can change their arrangements whenever you feel like.



You can cover up the walls by removable wallpapers. These wallpapers will enhance the beauty of your room. There is a lager variety of wallpapers available in the market. You can use wallpapers with different colours and patterns to make your room more attractive and unique. These wallpapers are removable and so you can change the wallpaper whenever you want.

Use designer lamps


You can use lamps to decorate your room in a unique way. Lamps come in different variety like standing lamps and hanging lamps. Make use of coloured lamps to enhance the beauty of your room. You cans also use adjustable wall lamps to save your space.

Paint your wall

paint wall

This is a very simple technique to decorate your room. You can paint your wall in a variety of ways. Take a piece of sponge and cut that sponge in a particular shape. Dip one side of the sponge in the paint and emboss it on the wall. Repeat this process until you print the whole wall. You can do this to any of the empty wall of your room. This is a very easy and cheap technique to decorate your room.

Colourful rugs


Rugs help in covering the emptiness of the floor. Make use of colourful rugs which can add more colour and contract to your room. You cans also make your own rugs by using your old t-shirts. You can make big and colourful rugs to make your room look more beautiful

Wall art

wall handicrafts

Walls can also be decorated with the help of wall arts like painting. You can hang large and beautiful painting on your wall to make them look attractive. You can also make your own master pieces to hang on the wall. Wall hanging can be made easily. For example to make a wall hanging collect the wrappers of cup cake and take a sheet of transparent glass. Take some glue and paste all the cup cake wrappers on the transparent sheet of glass. Paste the wrappers in some patterns so they will look like white flowers. This is a very easy way to make a wall hanging. You can try more ideas to make something different.

Add things to your table


You can make your table funkier by place different things on your table. You can place a funky pen stand to keep your pens and pencils. There is a large variety of pen stands available in the market. Choose the best pen stand according to your requirement and the colour of the table. In fact you can make your own pen stand by using useless ten and other stuff. Handmade things always look funky.

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