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Top tips for yoga to stay healthy



Find a good yoga coach

It is very important to go for a good yoga coach. Yoga is a creative, useful, and very easy activity but a slight mistake can put your body in trouble. For example an untrained or inexperienced coach will make you do those yoga’s with great efforts on the first which need patience and calmness. A good yoga teacher should be well trained physically and mentally. For building some confidence, you need to have a suitable yoga teacher.


Find out your potential


Do not ever put yourself in too much pressure. Yoga is that activity which needs a lot of patience and continuous practice. Do not ever put yourself in too much trouble in order to achieve something. It is said that while learning yoga, you need to pick up the theory of ‘Ahinsa’ that is you have no right to harm yourself for learning yoga. Do not ever ignore your injuries because those injuries may create some problems while doing yoga. More injury will break your trust a bit from yoga. If you are pregnant then it is very necessary to tell this to your yoga teacher since at this time you are required to be very cautious and at this time your potential is a bit less than your actual potential. Your yoga teacher should know each and everything about your body. It is for your good only.


Respiratory system


Yoga is a health making activity and it is mostly opted by people for losing their weight or maintaining their body fitness. But apart from this, some people go for yoga so that they can release their tension, get rid of their stress, and can calm down themselves. So basically yoga creates a connection between your mind and your body and this connection is created through your respiratory organ by way of breathing exercises. It is very important to know the correct procedure of such yoga practices to keep your respiratory system healthy.

No comparison

yoga 2

Generally in today’s times, everyone wants to do a little more than others or want a little more than others. So everyone is busy in comparing himself with others in every field. But some fields require no competition or comparison, since they can prove to be fatal to your health on existence of such things. Yoga is one such activity which requires no comparison, no pressure, and no competition. It is better for your health that you watch out your own progress rather than calculating other’s performance.


Space management


The most important thing you need to take care while doing yoga is that you occupy a good amount of space. Each yoga activity requires space; it is very uncomfortable to do yoga in confined or congested place. While performing yoga in group, do take care about doing difficult yoga poses (the poses in which you can fall) a bit far from your nearby person or else you will fall on your near ones leading to some kind of injury or ache.


Don’t forget to laugh

You must be amazed to know that the “loud laughing” yoga is known as the best yoga. In this you simply have to laugh as loud as you can. This is very a beneficial healthy activity. A laugh costs nothing and provides you unlimited advantages like releasing your stress, making you calm, loving and attractive personality. What else do you want? Try to improve your sense of humour; this can help you in handling many unwanted situations smoothly and calmly. It is usually said that we should get serious only on serious issues like we are lying on the hospital bed of operation theatre.


Diet chart


Now it is very important for you to make a diet chart as per your needs and requirements. It is advised that you should not eat anything at least one to two hours before going for yoga. Even water consumption should also be very low. While doing the yoga you should not consume anything. These restrictions get stricter on few items like caffeine, alcohol, coffee, sugar etc.


Go for loose clothes


Yoga is an activity in which you need not to tight, skinny clothes. In fact you should go for loose, flexible clothes in which you feel totally comfortable and relaxed to do any move. It is good to choose ideal clothes. Go for neither too loose nor too tight clothes. This is because while performing yoga your top may slips down on your face. Mostly people are not comfortable with their figure and so it is better to go such clothes which can cover your uneven figure.

Practice make the man perfect


Regular practice of different poses will sharpen your yoga activities quite effectively and efficiently. It is advised to regularly go for yoga at least for 15 minutes. 15 minutes yoga can do great wonders and will fulfill your motive of doing yoga. Yoga balances your physical, mental, and emotional side which relives you from hypertension or pressure. Yoga reduces the effect of depression which can lead to nervous breakdown. Yoga is prescribed by many doctors even pregnant ladies are also advised to do yoga.




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