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Top Remedies to Stay Beautiful



Today everyone wants to look beautiful and amazing. No one wants to step back from looking marvelous. You must be thinking that the steps to look beautiful will require huge efforts but it is not true. Making efforts to look beautiful not only makes you attractive but also bring back your confidence in you. Well, right below some really easy and amazing steps are given for your help.

Skin care


Removing impurities from your skin is really important. Even if your skin complexion is dark then too clean skin will provide a shiny look on your face. This will also help in prevention of acne growth on your skin. Now you can remove dirt by using a gentle face wash twice a day. You should always prefer a face wash which suits your skin type. You can even go for moisturizers which can act as a shield against dirt and pollution. Make sure you choose multi-tasking moisturizer that is the moisturizer which can protect your skin from sun rays as well. Protection from sun rays is important because the ultra-violet rays of the sun can cause sun burns or even skin cancer too. And so you should pick up the moisturizer which contains SPF element in it. Moisturizers also give you a radiant and fresh looking skin in dry times.

Good dental care

dental care

For good looks it is very important to have a perfect smile on our face. And for that perfect smile, white shiny teeth play a very important role. It is important to brush twice a day (once when you wake up and once before you sleep). In fact you should brush after every meal. This will help in prevention of cavities and toothache problems. You should not brush soon after your meal since it can cause various difficulties for teeth enamel, you should at least wait for 10 to 15 minutes. For a fresh mouth, you should also brush your tongue and after that you can go for mouth fresheners. Usage of harsh chemicals for the whitening of the teeth is not a good suggestion, instead you can go for whitening strips.

Hair care


The hairs always make you look more prettier and charming personality. Good and healthy hairs always become a center of attraction. Long and heavy hairs are not easy to handle. You should go for regular cutting and trimming section. All hairs are not of same type, so it is necessary to know your hair type first. If you move your fingers through your hairs and you find them little oily or sticky then you have oily hair type whereas if they feels dry then you have dry hair type. For oily hairs, it is really important to have a hair wash at least after 3 days of the previous hair wash. And for dry hairs you should take at least thrice time hair wash in two weeks. Coloring and trying new hairs styles do not always harm your hairs, but you should refer a professional first. While shampooing your hairs, do apply mind conditioners (especially on hair tips), conditioners neutralize the effect of harsh shampoos and provide softness your hairs.

Go for a makeover

The very wrong thinking is set in many peoples mind that makeup ruins the simplicity of your face. Well, this mind set is absolutely wrong because makeup always enhances your features and simplicity comes from inside and is not destroyed by doing makeup. For example if you go for eyeliner or kajal then it will only add definition to your eyes which strengthen your eye expressions and will make you talk from your eyes. Light and neutral makeup is always preferred for hangouts and small occasions. Light makeup includes a light color lip gloss which hides the uneven or may be damaged lips, thin line eyeliner which blends in with your eye lashes and a blush which of your skin color from your face till the neck so that you can hide your uneven or patchy skin.

Go for clothes which you like

You should wear those clothes which make you feel confident and not nervous. If someone suggests you some clothes in which you are not confident about carrying it comfortably then you should not wear that stuff. You should always prefer clothes which is good for your body type. If a heavy woman is wearing a tight skinny dress with a pair of high heels then the combination will looks odd and she may get comments instead of compliments. She can wear dress like a cute frock with floral print which will makes her more pretty. You can refer a fashion designer for really special occasions about what to wear as per your body type.

Use good fragrances


Nice fragrances always make you feels fresh. It keeps you away from negativity and you will feel that you are the best. Fragrances create magic around you. Try this   out, put on the best perfume or splash (which you think) a little more and walk through a crowd, you will notice that some people will do notice you because of so good fragrance. Do not ever spill the whole bottle of perfume on you, it will make you look stupid instead of attractive. Now a day’s fruity and floral smell are inn, which you can easily get at any scent shop.


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