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Top make up tips which can make you look beautiful



Now a days every girl wants to look perfect. Makeup is the thing which can make you look fabulous. But for all the new learners, it is very difficult to give a perfect makeover to your face. Best makeup tips can make your work easy. Well, girls always worry about how to the perfect make up which will make them look good. There is a list of few very important tips below. These tips are fully and truly tried by many experts many times.



Each and every girl faces the problem of eyeliner disappearance. Don’t panic! Every problem comes with its solution and so this problem too has a solution. At first you need to apply some foundation and then to settle it up, you need to use a light powder to settle your foundation. After applying the foundation and light powder, you can use your eyeliner. After applying eyeliner again apply some powder and then apply eye shadow. The color of your eye shadow should be close to your eyeliner color. Use a small brush to apply powder eye shadow on your eyeliner. In this way you can prevent your eyeliner to get disappear or fade away. In fact this process will also help you in solving the problem of eyeliner smudge.



Now it is a very easy task to apply a lip colour on your lips but the problem comes when you over apply the lipstick on your lips. No need to worry, you can fix it up very easily. Now there are two ways to solve this problem. First solution is to use a tissue over your lipstick; this will help you in lowering down the intensity of your lip colour. This method will definitely help you out in recovering your actual lip colour you want. Second solution is to apply a light colour lip gloss over your lip colour. This thing will not only reduce the intensity of lip colour but also helps you in giving a more natural, stylish, and glossy look. It will actually give a juicy look to your lips.

Nose problem


Now everyone does not have a perfect nose. And most of the girls have many problems with their nose. So while doing makeup they should take care of their nose. Now makeup is a thing which can do wonders. Now you need to use your blush close to your nose. You usually apply it away from your nose which not a good technique. The technique of applying the blush near your nose can create an illusion of your smaller nose. It is hard to accept this technique until it is tried once. So don’t worry and give a chance to this technique, without failing this technique will fulfill your requirements

Hiding your uneven tone skin

uneven skin

The most common problem find out among girls while going for makeup is uneven skin tone. Well it is not very hard to get an even skin tone by hiding your uneven skin tone. Now to hide your blemishes products come in many different options like cakes, sticks and cream. Now if you have an acne prone skin and is left with acne pits then you should go for cake or cream products. You can use this with the help of small soft brush but you must take care that you choose a light colour concealer. It should be even lighter than your foundation. You can also apply it with the help of makeup sponge. Fill your sponge with the concealer and then dab that sponge on your uneven skin side. Continue this until it is covered and the motion should be very gentle and not too loud. One very important thing you must take care of, never wipe the sponge on your skin since it will not fill or cover but it will clear away all concealer applied on your skin. After this you can apply foundation all over on your face and on your neck.

Dark circles

dark circles

Now the problem of dark circles is a very common and genuine problem which is faced by mostly all girls. Even film stars too face this. So for facing the issue you need to get a light toned concealer for your dark circles. Put that concealer on your ring finger before applying foundation on your face. Now lightly apply concealer on your dark areas. You need take care that you do not apply too much concealer. Too much usage can make your lines and wrinkles to appear.

Type of makeup

make up

you should always use a good quality makeup product. if the product is not good in quality the it can be dangerous for you skin. Also you should use make up according to your requirement and weather. For example in rainy season you cannot use water based products. Also in summers your make up generally get wash away because of sweat. to avoid this you should use powder based products.



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