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Top fashion tips by sonam kapoor


Everyone knows that first impression is always considered to be the last impression. So if you really want to impress someone then you need to take care of your first impression. The most important part of our first impression is your personality and personality depends on how you carry yourself. If you will look good then your first impression will automatically be good. We all have heard about Sonam Kapoor. She is one among the most famous and talented bollywood actress. She is not just a talented actress but is also considered to be a style icon. Her dressing tips can make a remarkable impact. She keeps on experimenting with her looks and her experiments are outstanding. She likes to keep it simple but stylish. Here we have the list of most trendy tips of Sonam Kapoor.

Favourite colour


Black and white is the favourite colours of Sonam. Sonam picks something in black when nothing comes to her mind. And according to her black is the ultimate colour which goes up with every event and occasion. Black is something which can suit anyone. So whenever you find a difficulty in deciding your dress, choose Sonam’s style and go for something in black. Sonam generally choose plain black dresses. She accessorise her plain black attires and make them look outstanding. Sonam generally choose white colour when she wants to wear traditional dress.


Traditional attire


Sonam is very fond of wearing traditional dresses. Sonam look stunning in traditional attire. Sonam likes to keep it simple and sobar. Sonam says if you are wearing a heavy necklace with your dress then you should avoid wearing earring with it. And if you are wearing heavy earring with your traditional dress then you should avoid wearing any neck piece with it.


Casual attire

t shirt

Sonam is a cool chic. Her casual attires are quite cool and trendy. Her attire is inspired by many menswears like blazers, brogues, loose t-shirt, and jeans. She completes her look with the help of trendy purses like Hermes Birkin and Ferragamo Sophia. While going out she doesn’t forget to put on her trendy shades. Her look is very simple and in spite of that she looks outstanding. According to Sonam, girls should keep their wardrobe update with trendy clothes. Girls should keep flashy coloured blazers in their wardrobe. Flashy coloured blazers look very fashionable. And they can help in completing your outfit. Sonam always wear designer pair of jeans and Adriano Goldschmied is her favourite denim brand. She pairs up her AG jeans with white or black loose H&M t-shirt.


Daily look


Sonam is quite cute and trendy. She coats her skin with a good moisturizer. Use concealer wherever required and smudge the concealer with the help of a powdered foundation. Make sure that your skin tone is even.  After you complete your skin makeup, take a black eye pencil. Sonam is very much fond of eye makeup. Take black kajal pencil and outline your upper and lower eye lashes. Smudge your black outline to make your eyes look smoky. Make sure that your kajal blends finely. Apply eye shadow, if necessary. Mascara will complete your eye makeup. Take a glossy pink coloured lipstick and apply it. Make sure you apply trendy coloured nail paint before you leave.

Lip colours


Sonam is very famous for her makeup experiments. According to Sonam if you are going in some jazzy party then you should complete your look with a red lip colour.  Red lip colour gives a stunning and dashing look. So whenever you go in any flashy event the make use of red lip colour. But if you are going for a casual hangout then you should go for natural pink or brown lip colour these colours give you a natural look.



Sonam is very experimental and she keeps on experimenting with her hair. She has long beautiful hair. Sonam agrees with the statement that hair is the richest ornament a woman can have. And so she takes care of hairs a lot but along with that she keeps on trying new and new hair styles. And so she is responsible for many new and unique hairstyles innovation too. This is the reason she has become the youth fashion icon. Sonam believes that you should never step back from doing fresh and untried things. It may happen that these new things will give you something great in return. Like because of your experiments you may become the creator of a very unique and elegant hairstyle.  It does not matter what hairstyle you make, the thing that matters is that you should perfect in that.  This is because if you are looking good in that hairstyle, then definitely others are do going to copy your style.




Now according to sonam kapoor, you should always start your workout with a warm up. This is because if you directly start your workout then you will end up with some injuries in your veins. So firstly warm up your whole body then start your workout under a professional trainer. Do not ever go for a new or untrained trainer because an untrained trainer does not know what type of workouts will suit to your body type. Sonam says that it does not matter whether you are a girl or a boy, you can win the workout game with your mental and strength’s energy level.


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