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Top fantasy novels available in the market


Many people prefer reading fantasy novels over trash reading. Trash reading is also good but sometimes you do need to have a different taste. Like if your mom daily serves you golden corn pizza (which is your favourite one) then one day you will definitely get exhausted from that pizza and will switch to some other thing. Just like this all the trash novel readers, if you want to try something new then fantasy novel is the best choice. Fantasy novels are quite famous among youngsters. Fantasy novels come in the favourite list of many novel lovers. Fantasy literature is a totally different section, which has magnetised many people’s attention and has even succeeded in securing a good place in novels category list. Many movies are motivated by these novels. Market is full of great fantasy novels.

A Game of Thrones


The most amazing novel A Game of Thrones is well written series. It is a must read series which can not be avoided by all the fantasy novel lovers. A Game of Thrones is written by the famous author George R.R. Martin. Martin is one of the finest authors whose series spread magic in the novels world. He writes what he feels. In his novel he characterised the whole world in grey colour in spite of giving them the typical black and white colour. Inclusion of black and white was necessary because that whole thing in his novel seems to look like a big chess game. It is said that if you had digested a lot of fake stuff like killing of aliens attacking your earth, superman jumping from 1000 feet without a scratch and can’t digest anymore of such stuff then this book will help you out in reviving your energy. And without any doubt, you’ll rate this novel a bit more than that fake stuff. The famous channel HBO is planning to launch a TV series on this novel.

The Blade Itself


Another famous novel The Blade Itself is a new entry in the field of fantasy novels. It is written by the author Joe Abercrombie. The unique thing about this author is that he turns the epic conventions of the fantasy world into something new and interesting. He want to take the fantasy novel section to a new stage, to a new level. The Blade Itself consists of a very dashing hero who keeps himself away from fights, a barbarian who loves peace and has philosophical nature and a torturer with a heart of gold. Now this novel is basically an action novel where you’ll actually feel ‘the heart in your mouth action’ going on around you and more and more interest  will get developed as you read this novel. You can say that it is a must read novel.

Gardens of the Moon (The Malazan Book of the Fallen)


The novel Gardens of the Moon is written by the author Steven Erikson. You know what it is usually said that fantasy novels hardly get revolutionary but this trend set was broken by the Erickson’s saga. Not even a single fantasy novel is so epic than The Malazan Book of the fallen. This novel contains the combination of military and epic fantasy which gives you immense pleasure. The combination is not odd one and was supported by the excellent prose, attractive mix of gray characters, gritty realism, and many more stuff. Erikson very cunningly combined Greek classic epics like Iliad and Odyssey with the George R. Martin’s best one.

The Name of the Wind


The novel The Name of the Wind is written by the author Patrick Rothfuss. After this novel Rothfuss was able to proudly join the top authors list with Erickson, Martin and Tolkien. These all writers have presented must read novels. This novel is a story of a woman and a simple boy’s world which is never going to be the same. This novel was remarked as the best fantasy debuts ever launched. In this novel Kyothe is a boy who is very daring and is ready to challenge the destiny. It is a debut novel of Patrick Rothfuss’s but the thing that matter is that on his debut he launched such a great stuff. It is a series of Kingkiller Chronicles.

Lord of the Rings

lord of rings

Lord of the rings is the fantasy novel written by the author J.R.R Tolkien. Tolkien is that author who comes in the list of one of the most famous and talented authors. He always presents a master piece. Tolkien in total wrote four novels which have gathered great fame. This novel will definitely give you a satisfying experience. Lord of the Rings has totally uplifted the name of the fantasy novels. It is very important to know that movies cannot give you the experience what novels can.

The Black Company 

the black copany

The Black Company is the novel written by the author Glen Cook. It is all about wars against darkness. The Black Company novel can be said that it is a modern fantasy novel. Its main focus is on the small characters then the huge cast. This strong fantasy novel gathered a great amount of information. While reading this novel, you’ll feel the influential work done by the author. It took so many efforts to get completed. The black company novel was greatly appraised. But this book was not as good as the book of north. And so this book remained the book of north only. Just like Malazan black company too focuses on the small gang characters rather than focusing on the main character.


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