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Top 9 denim brands


 G-Star RAW

g star

One of the most top famous brands G-Star RAW, basically belongs to a very innovative and hardworking Dutch designer. From the start of his career only, he aims to give a totally different and fashionable look to his designed clothes. Not only this, he actually wanted to improve the quality of fabrics used in clothes manufacturing. He presented high quality urban clothing style. And soon his brand gained huge amount of fame among the Europe students. Thereafter this brand started achieving heights of success by spraying the magic in the whole world. Fashion world helped the G-Star brand a lot in achieving its targets. Many big celebrities became a permanent customer of G-Star RAW. Well known models like Liv Tylor, Josh Belmonte and many more walked on ramps wearing this brand. In the year 2008and 2009, G-Star RAW was showcased in the New York Fashion Week.



WRANGLER is another very famous denim brand, which is also famous for its other clothing items. Wrangler is owned by VF Corporation which also owes another three different brands that is Lee, JanSport and The North Face. Its main headquarters is located in the downtown Greensboro which is situated in North Carolina. Many different production plants of Wrangler are located in different parts of the world.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein Inc. was founded by very famous American designer Calvin Klein. Like other brands Calvin Klein too launched its monogram, the “ck”. The headquarters of Calvin Klein was located in the Midtown Manhattan, situated in New York City. But currently Philips-Vans Heusen is controlling the headquarters of Calvin Klein.


Lee was first shaped in the year 1889 in Salina situated in Kansas. Lee is owned by the well-known and legendary company VF Corporation. This company is declared to be one of the largest apparel companies of the world. Currently its main headquarters are located in Merriam that is in the outskirts of Kansas City which is situated in Missouri. It was stated by the company that in the area of work wear and casual wear, it has become an international retailer and manufacturers. They also stated that more than 400 employees are working for them in the United States. Pacific Brands owes this brand in Australasia from the year 2007. Earlier it was with Yakka.


Miss Sixty

Now Miss Sixty is again a very famous denim brand. Its name represents the product lines launched by this company in clothing styles. This group was found in the year 1990 and was initiated in the year 1991. Miss Sixty does not saw much depression period. In fact, in the year 1992 it collected its international brand fame and launched its first branch in the United States in that same year.

For All Mankind

as the name signifies, this brand makes the jeans products for all kind. It basically started designing for woman that is their first product was women’s jeans. Thereafter in the year 2002, it started making men’s jeans too. And gradually in the year 2005, it initiated the children denim wear line too. Not only this, they launched many different product lines like skirts, shorts, denim jackets etc. The Company stated that its brand products are sold in more than 80 countries. And these 80 countries includes Europe, Canada, Japan too.


Levis is the top most denim brand which is preferred by probably everyone. This is an international brand with various different product lines. Levi Strauss was born in a Jewish family and grown up in the Buttenheim of Franconian region of Bavaria which is situated in Germany. He was the son of Hirsh Strauss (his father) and Rebecca Strauss (his mother). When he was 18 years old then his mother Rebecca Strauss with his two sisters took him to United States to help in the whole sale dry goods business settled up by his brothers in the New York City. The name of their business was J. Strauss Brother & Co.


Guess is again another most loving and popular denim brand. Guess was established by four brothers, Georges, Armand, Paul, and Maurice Marciano. They were Jewish Moroccan brothers who were raised in Marseille situated in France. In the year 1977, they all moved to California in search of better future and then in the year 1981, they found this company Guess. They were not so rich and so they faced the problem in raising the start up funds for the company. But they were soon helped out by the Nakash family. Nakash family was the owner of the Jordache denim empire. Their first product was totally different and unique that is three-zipper style of zeans and they named it “Marilyn”. But fashion stores and various fashion section were hesitant in accepting this design. Later on near December Bloomingdale’s came into an agreement with George to take 12 pieces of jeans. And those pieces were sold out frequently in the market. Thereafter they started achieving heights in fashion world.


Diesel is again a very eminent denim brand. It not only makes jeans but it also makes various other denim products like handbags, school bags, shots etc. This company was established in the year 1978 by the Renzo Rosso. Now the main highlight of this company was that Rosso hired Wilbert Das in the year 1991, who is the ex-head designer and creative designer of Fashion College. . Renzo Rosso  stated that he took the knowledge of marketing from the US, creativity knowledge from Italy and system from Germany.


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