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Top 7 ways to reuse waste wine bottles


Wine is considered to be the charm of every party. Almost all sorts of parties are said to be incomplete without wine. There is a large variety of wine which is present in the market. Wine is available in different varieties of bottles. Wine bottles are generally very attractive and beautiful. But generally these attractive and beautiful bottles are considered to be a waste without wine in it. People throw these bottles after using the wine inside. But if you want to completely utilize the wine bottle then there are many ways to use old wine bottles. There are many creative ways by which you can use the beautiful old wine bottles. Here we have the list of creative ways which can help you in recycling wine bottles.

1.Fancy show piece


There are brands who manufacture highly attractive bottles of wine. After using the wine you can use those bottles as a show piece rather then throwing them in trash. Take the bottle and cut out the brand label from the bottle. If the label on the bottle is attractive then just cut out the brand name from the bottle. You can decorate the bottle using glass colors if required or else place it in display as it is.



Glass bottles are quite useful for storing different stuff. Rather than throwing wine bottles you can store anything in them. You can store homemade oils or vinegar in them. It is said that oil and vinegar are required to be stored in glass bottles. Since glass bottles are not easy to find so you can use wine bottles to store them.

3.Plant pots


Some people are very fond of green plants. But because of lack of space they are unable to keep those plants. But now through this technique it will be easy to keep green plants. Moreover this technique will make your backyard more stylish and appealing. Take a wine bottle and seal its mouth with a rubber cork. Cut the wine bottle from its base in a horizontal manner. Plant one herb in each wine bottle and hang it around your backyard.  If you are very fond of plants then you can even hang them in your room.

4.Snow wine bottle vases


This is a very unique idea to use old wine bottles. Take three wine bottles, two on equal size, and one slightly bigger than the other two. Paint the bottles with white premier paint and let them dry. Tale Epsom salt and coat a thin layer of salt on the bottles. This coat will give a more shimmery and rough look to the bottle.

5.Wine bottle candle shelter


Now wine bottles are very useful. From small efforts you can make these waste wine bottles into something very useful decorative stuff. Wine bottles can be turned into very beautiful candle shelter. For making this you need to have some material like one amber colored bottle, glass chips, clay plant saucer, eyelet screw, glass gems, glass adhesive etc. All these material you can get from any retail craft outlet. Now use a bottle cutter to cut the below part of your wine bottle. After removing the below part, you can see that the bottle has automatically became a candle shelter but you need to decorate it or else it will give a low priced look to your table. So you can decorate your bottle by sticking some beautiful colored chains to it, you can also stick glass chips and different clay shapes on your bottle. You can even cover you bottle with different transparent colored papers. These papers will give an elegant look to your candle shelter since the light coming out from that candle shelter will have a colorful touch.

6.Neck pendant


You must be amazed to read that you can even make a neck pendant out of your waste wine bottle. When by mistake you break a wine bottle then you throw off all the glass pieces of that bottle but in spite of doing that you should think of something creative like making a beautiful pendant for your chains. Now what you need to do it to break any glass bottle of your choice in a plastic bag with the help of a hammer. Take any good and unique shaped glass piece and smooth-en up its edges from all sides with the help of sanding paper. Now if you can arrange a diamond drilling tool then you can make a hole using in that glass piece. If you do not have a diamond driller then you can apply glue on the back of that piece and stick the chain to it. To decorate it more, you can even use different colored paper.

7.Wine bottle Tuscan


When you finished up making this Tuscan, then you will definitely feel proud on yourself. You will keep this Tuscan on the best place of living or bed room. For this you need to have good painting skills. First wash the available wine bottle rigorously so that all the labels and tags come out of that bottle. Now do not forget to rub vinegar or alcohol so that the bottle is fully cleaned up. Give a black color base to your bottle and let it dry for some time. Do not start painting just after you gave the black color coat. This is because wet colors have a tendency of getting mixed up so to avoid that let that coat dry first.

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