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Top 5 reasons to skip a Sajid Khan movie


I was just watching some promotional event of Humhakals on Tv right now and wondering on what basis is this movie even being promoted. I mean comedy doesn’t really mean everything has to be gravely unrealistic and annoying right? For something to be funny it has to make at least a little sense first. But well, we’ve got Sajid Khan movies which are unrealistic on so many levels and so stupid that I keep wondering how he ever finds an audience for movies like that. It’s called severely degrading Hindi Cinema what he does with his movies, honestly. Frankly, I can barely even find the time to laugh in the middle of all the outrageous apparent comical scenes, mostly I’m just busy wondering what was he thinking when he made the movie. Last time he made that weird movie Himmatwala or something and claimed that it was going to break all boxoffice records and join the 100 crore club or something and it failed miserably. His overconfidence is beyond my understanding but then as long as he’s passionate about making movies it’s fine. I’m sure there are people who enjoy that genre too, the kind of movies he makes but I lack the sensibility to understand it. So here’s why all you people who are thinking of buying tickets to watch a Sajid Khan movie should refrain from it.


  1. Really long movies:

I believe movies should be of a tolerable duration and not unnecessarily dragged unless and until the plot really demands it. I even got sick of Rockstar after a point because of all the howling in the second half but I understand that the script demanded all those scenes. Sajid Khan movies are usually nonsensical entertainers which should at least be of a certain time frame, and not 3 hour long movies. I don’t know how someone makes a 3 hour movie out of randomly collected jokes which aren’t even funny. Comedies are supposed to be short an crisp, simple entertainment for about 2 hours or so and that’s about it. Anything more than that is overdoing it and that Mr. Khan is an expert at.


  1. Pathetic music:

His movies have music made for deaf people or something. Like most of the songs are so bad, they’re like for some musically challenged people or who can listen to just about anything. In Bollywood, music makes a great impact on the film promotion and people’s opinion of it and I wouldn’t put it in any nicer language, it’s just that the music of his movies is terrible. Apart from I think one or two movies whose music was still bearable the rest was just bad on so many levels and it’s only progressing in that direction.


  1. Pile on actresses:

The plot of his movies usually revolves around 2-3 guys and the actresses are just mainly to raise the glam quotient of the movie or to dance in the pathetic songs, that’s it. They primarily don’t have any real role and don’t contribute much to the movie. They’re just probably there to attract some audience and are given nice clothes to wear for the same reason. Their wardrobe isn’t so bad thankfully else that would’ve been another pain but I think manages in that regard.


  1. Confusing plot:

Obviously this is the biggest setback of his movies, there’s no real story. It’s just randomly cooked up jokes and a story to support the jokes actually. Every half an hour another stupid twist is introduced in the movie and you keep wondering how he manages to come up with all that. That not only takes talent but some serious brainstorming. It must be how he narrates the story to his cast that they’re ready to get on board for a movie like that and run around promoting it too because how it eventually turns out on the screen is quite ruthlessly disappointing and primarily a pain.


  1. Repetitive jokes:

The jokes in his movies are not only repetitive but also fail to make you laugh. The humour is dry and it’s impact isn’t lasting. The only 2 actors I’ve seen pulling off those jokes rather well are Akshay Kumar and Ritesh Deshmukh and that’s also probably why they’re a part of his movies so often. The kind of humour Sajid Khan tries to bring out on screen depends mainly on the actor’s ability rather than his own intelligence or how well scripted the movie is. Whenever his movies have word I think I would give a LOT of credit to the leading men in his movies who have been able to carry the kind of stupidity that their characters had with such tact and actually execute their roles properly. I don’t doubt Sajid’s directorial abilities but he’s not so much of a storyteller as he’d like to be and I wonder when the quality of his movies will improve. I sure hope it does.


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