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Top 4 perks of being sick


Okay so this needs no inspiration because I’m running a 102 fever as I write this, hence this post. I cannot tell you anything that’ll make you feel better about being sick honestly. Being bed ridden, irritable, living on medicines, feeling hungry and not being able to eat anything at the same time. That’s not good by any standards and I cannot make that look like a pretty scenario irrespective of what I say. Worse I remember was when I Caught chicken pox in the 7th grade. I mean I would highly recommend everyone to get themselves vaccinated against it because it’s one of the ugliest regular diseases that could happen to you. Mostly because it’s such a pain to look at yourself in the mirror, makes you want to cry. And then on top of that you’re terribly itchy and you cannot even scratch yourself because it would leave a scar, you’ve got these little mumps all over your body and sleeping becomes difficult. You’re perpetually isolated because it’s contagious so you have no company either and basically you’re no good. You can’t even bathe without getting utterly disgusted with yourself. But that’s like next level stuff. Even regular viral could cause terrible repercussions for example I’ve been exuding heat since last night, I almost feel like the sun. And then I’m supposed to sweat to get rid of the fever which is even more difficult since I’m already so hot, and the air conditioner makes me shiver. Post that follows the cold and the cough, sore throat, not being able to taste good food the way you’d like to, being bed ridden and getting deathly bored etc. But then we all do know that there are perks that come along too especially if you’re home. Let’s have a look at some of them.
1010732.largeBreakfast, lunch AND dinner in bed:
I know being bed ridden takes a toll on your butt after a while because it starts hurting and really needs to move around a bit but then who doesn’t like pampering. You’re being fed like a miniature version of hulk and that too without any effort from your own side. Sounds like heaven doesn’t it? It is, at least for a while. It gets annoying after a couple of days and maybe not even that if you’re as lazy as me. Okay I’m not THAT lazy. But it’s fine. The first two days feel just great. All of your food cravings are being met except those that’ll make your situation worse and maybe you can even get away with those once in a while.
sick4All that love shower happening:
You have those typical “Oh my poor baby is so sick, you’ll get better really soon my love.” *accompanied by a lot of hugging and kissing and pampering* So if you’re a needy person like me? You’re probably going to love all that attention and love and care. How everyone keeps asking you if you’re doing any better today, did you eat well, took your medicines on time, sleep early tonight etc. is rather adorable isn’t it? I enjoy it immensely. It’s like you’re suddenly the centre of attention in the house, and your mother who usually ignores you all day (typically what happens to me) suddenly is just hovering about trying everything in her capacity to make you better. Mommys are love.
keep-calm-being-sick-means-you-get-extra-cuddlesGetting lots of me time:
So you have an excuse for everything. Not meeting people you don’t want to meet, because they’re basically pile ons, postponing things, procrastinating as usual but then you have a justification for it, reading novels in the comfort of your room without any disturbance, and every time someone tries to bother you, you’ve got your sick face on and you leave them defenceless, what would they say to a sick person anyway? Getting your siblings to work for you feels like taking revenge for all those unnecessary fights you had to indulge in because of them and all the pointless drama they create, rather sadistic but true. And then you get a lot of me time. You don’t have to keep up with people for formality’s sake, so you can basically get away with anything.
e2cca40cfe1d5f9020191e1ea8760310Work pressure? Poof.
Even though you cannot expect your boss to comfort you and come cuddle you or something but they wouldn’t be cruel enough to let you take a couple of days off and just get better. Nobody’s that evil. So you get that much needed break from all the insane work pressure and deadlines and piles of files that you’re supposed to have a look at and the only work you have is to reply to all those get well soon texts. Also if you’re in school or college, good excuse for not meeting your assignment deadlines, isn’t it? Sick face always works.

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