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Top 15 Indian Street Foods



15 Indian Street Foods

India is a vast country with different cultures and food style from state to state.Each state has its own speciallity.India is rich in cuisine and has various mouthwatering flavours to offer.No matter how much you travel and try the food There are some Classic signature street foods that will be found throughout the country.Whether you are in North or in South India some indian street food more precisely indian snacks are found allover the country.Street food in india is always a hit.Every person loves to relish indian street food and the taste is always classic and evergreen.Different states have some famous street foods which is the favorite snack of everyone while there are some snacks that are common in every state.The best part of indian street food is that they are tasty,have good quantity,Affordable and tummy filling.No matter how much one makes yummy food at home no one can beat the street foods of india.There is a huge variety to choose and relish your tastebuds!
Here are some indian street food

PaniPuri /Gol Gappe /Puchka /Batashe

This is the all time favorite street food and is known by different names but the dish is classic.Flour fried mini balls that are broken and filled with spicy potato chic pea filling and is served with chilled mint flavoured water.Many people have it with Tamarind (imli) chutney or water aswell those who prefer sweet water.It is found in every corner of the city,lane or street.Small vendors keep,Big fastfood shops and even many people have it at home.The water differs and nowa days different flavoured waters are also used.

Bhelpuri / Jhalmuri

This is a dish which is also very popular and a mouthwatering muching snack.Bhel puri is commonly popularised from mumbai (west india) while in West Bengal it is called Jhal muri.It has rice puffs with sliced onion,tomatoes,cucumbers,coriander leafs,spicy tangy sauce,lemon juice and topped with sev mixtures.This is really yummy and a all time favorite street food.Many people serve it in a plate while some serve in a conicle paper cone.Jhal muri in kolkata is a bit spicy while many parts of india make it with the classic ingredients.

Vada Pav

This could be called as an indian burger.Pav means bread/bun.Vada is a spicy gram flour batter deep fried with some potato or chilli fillings.Some times the vadas are in donut shaped.This fried dish is placed in between two buns and served with mint chutney and tamarind chutney.It is a famous street food of Maharashtra.Mumbai people love relishing this anytime either for breakfast or evening snack.Many stalls serve it with coconut dip and south indian Sambhar lentil.


Well this is a famous hill station dish.Now popularised in all parts of india.It is an indian dumpling.Indian Tibetans and Bhutanese reciting in hills make in thier own authentic way with mutton,chicken and cabbage fillings.Many people serve it dipped in hot vegetable stock.Normally Momos in cities are served according do indian tastebuds with spicy fillings and masalas.The Hot chilli sauce served with it makes the dish complete.North eastern states make yummy momos and fried momos are also sold.


This is indian hakka noodles.Cooked with vegetables,soya sauce,chilli-tomato sauce,many cities make it with egg or chicken.This is a all time favorite snack specially for those who love indian chinese.Chowmein is an indian chinese dish.In west bengal it is more popular as Chow.In Kolkata chowmein is made without soya sauce and is topped with sliced cucumbers and mustard sauce.

Tikki Chole Chat

Tikkis are potato fried Croquettes.They are panfried and served with youghurt,chickpeas,onions,mint and tamarind sauce.Tikkis are made in indian style and can be called as hashbrown aswell.

Kathi Rolls / Rolls

Rolls or kathi rolls are famous indian nawabi dishes.They are rolls wraped in flour-white flour parathas/flat breads and the fillings are usually marinated spicy chicken or egg with onions and sauce.Many people serve with indian chinese chilli chicken.In kolkata it is the most popular street food and every locality has its roll corner.Egg rolls,chicken rolls are to die for.

Dosa & Idlis

This is mainly a south indian main course but usually a snack in all over india.Idlis are rice cakes and dosas are rice batter puff with potato mustard seed filling.Served with sambhar lentils and coconut chutney.In south india it is available everywhere,Eaten as a streetfood,lunch,dinner or breakfast.

Tandoori Chicken

This is a nonvegetarian Punjabi snack.This is mostly made in the evenings at street food corners.The BBQ is made ready and the marinated orange color chicken is cooked untill the flesh is soft and juicy.Tandoor itself means hot charcoal on which chicken is cooked.

Papri Chaat

Chaat in india itself means snack.Papris are small flour fried round shaped salty biscuits.They are topped with yoghurt,onions,sliced boiles potatoes and chutneys.


This is a world famous snack.Triangular shaped spicy potatoes filled fried snack.It is available in every snack and sweet shop.Many people have it with pav breads or have it with chick peas.Samosas are yummy and a good teatime sanck.

Kulcha Chole

Another punjabi snack.Kulchas are soft pan baked breads with butter and is served with delicious chole (Chickpeas curry).It is like a bread dip snack.n


Every small tea corner or street shop sells pakoras.Pakoras are famous rainy season dish eaten with tea.Pakoras can be of any vegetable covered with gramflour batter and deep fried.


This is a sweet as well as snack.Jalebis are white flour batter shaped in spirals,deep fried and dipped in sugar syrup.They are crispy and glossy.Many sweet shops give in saffron syrup.

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