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Top 10 Reasons To Visit New Zealand



Top 10 Reasons to visit this year New Zealand are:

If you love to travel and admire the beauty of nature,love clicking photographs and doing adventurous stuff,etc.New Zealand has it all for making your vacation a whole lifetime memorable trip.
New Zealand is like the second Switzerland in the world.Mountains,lakes,Forests,trails,watersports,breathtaking scenes and lovely places for dinning and shopping.All in one Land.
New Zealand is divided into two islands-North island and South Island.North Island is famous for Main cities like Auckland the busiest city,Wellington the capital,Bay of Pahia,Taupo,Rotarua,etc.While main known cities in the South Island are Queenstown,Dunedin,Christchurch,etc.It is famous for the Maori culture and maori tribe.
Here are 10 Beautiful reasons:

1) Breathtaking Beauty:

If you visit New Zealand you will fall in love with the places.North island is equally beautiful like South island.If you want more serene nature beauty South island is a must visit destination.Queenstown’s famous crystal clear Lake Wakatipo and the magnificient snow capped moutains will leave you mesmerized.The maple leaves and the trails will make you feel in heaven.Pahia,Taupo ,Auckland,Turanga,Dunedin,Christchurch infact in the entire length and breath of the country Beauty is everywhere.If you Go travel by road you can witness it more precisely.

2) Awesome Activities:

Tourists love enthusiasm and entertaining activities and if you are one of those kinds NZ is perfect,The ma ain hub for Bungee jumping,You will find it in all main tourist places,Water sports like sky diving,Forest bush walks,Maori Dances,Farmers Christmas Santa parade during December in auckland,Fairs,Trams in wellington&christchurch,Fishing,Camping,etc all activities can be enjoyed.

3)Fine Drinking&Dining

:New Zealand has one of the best wines and vinyards.Auckland,Queenstown in south has one of the best restaurants to eat and fulfill your tastebuds.Food lovers can enjoy the coffee shops,Bars and award wining restaurants.


:If you love to know about new places and the architectures and history you can witness in NZ. Dunedin has victorian and edwardian time buildings.There are many Museums and Art Centres.


:So if you and your family love shopping you can shop Auckland or Christchurch in south Island.Boutiques,Malls and Designer showrooms are all.Though New Zealand is not a very big country but it has a lot to give.If you love Malls and city centres,Auckland city has a awesome city cente known as aotea square.You can watch movies at IMAX and shop around queenstreet.

6)Awesome Beaches

:If you like basking in the sun or tanning your self or surfing North Island has awesome beaches specially in auckland area where you will find beaches after every 10 miles.From deep blue to turquoise blue depending on the weather you can relax.

7)Unique Specialities

:Rotarua is a place in North Island where you can spend time looking at the volcanoes and hot boiling muds. Sunset lover?Well in new zealand the sun sets very late so you can even go for a long walk and 9pm because the sun sets at approx 10pm .Lake lovers can visit Taupo aswell and enjoy fishing.

8)Freindly Atmosphere

:Well the Kiwi people are as sweet as kiwi fruit.They are helpful,courteous and friendly.English is the main language besides Maori the native language.

9)Green Grasslands

:Well the entire country is bushy green.Since rainfall comes anytime in the year,NZ is rich in greenary and breathtaking grasslands,Alpine valley and landscapes.The chubby sheeps can be seen while crossing through the trains.

10)Mini europe

:Well New Zealand is a beautiful country.Many movies have been shot in this country including bollywood.It is just like mine europe,A mini switzerland with the ands are equally good to visit.Travel makes people experience new things and gives a great memory.If you are one of those who love cherishing memories,New Zealand is one stop to visit.

North Island

Auckand city is best to land.It is one the busiest cities.It is like the subcapital,Wellington is the capital city of NewZealand.Auckland draws a heavy crowd of tourists.Tgere are many places to visit in Auckland-


Sky Tower is the tallest tower in Auckland.The whoke city can be seen.Sky tower has its casino abd restaurant aswell.Bunjee jumping is also done.

Auckland Harbour Bridge

This Bridge is similar to Australia’s Sydney Harbour Bridge.The bridge joins two parts of the city,North shore and South shore.Harbour Bridge walks are also done.

Queen Street & Aotea Square

Queen street is the main street in central auckland witg numerous shops,cafes,Auckland Library,Office’s,etc.Tourists mainly roam around here.Aotea square is the main open square where openstalls&activities are carried on.IMax theatre is just next to it with its mall.If you walk down the queen street,it ends near the quay waterfront.

Auckland Museum

Well,the museum is lovely go visit and you can witness great collection of historical and ancient displays.

Western Springs & Auckland Zoo

Welk if you love greenary,this palce is lovely to visit.Auckland Zoo is a pla e to spend a day and enjoy the beautiful green gardens and see the animals and birds.People can enjoy picnics and kids will love it.

Mission Bay

This is one if the best beaches in Auckland.Situated in one of the most posh areas,The beach is fmous for its sea-green blue water during summer.The beach has a lovely park,sittng area.Tgere are number of cafe’s and restaurants too.

Royal Oak Cornwall Park

It is one of the biggest parks in aucklnad.The park is for leisure,picnic and walks.The park is famous for the mount on the top of tge one tree hill where a silver tall mount can be seen.Cherry blossom trees are seen during season.
Well,besides Auckland,there are many places to visit in North shore.Auckland International Airport is the beat place to land.Buses,shuttles,cabs and car rentals are easiky available.YHA and backpacker facility is aslo there.

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