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Tired of Push Ups? Try These Variations!


Ever since the civilizations started, the need to be physically fit has been of prime importance. Unless you are fit, you can’t fight against others when in danger, neither are you capable of doing physically demanding work. Every individual has at some stage or other, tried doing the push ups. Push Ups are the most basic exercise form of all. It would only be an understatement to say that almost everyone started their workouts at young age with push ups. The push ups have a very important role in shaping your muscles and enhancing your body and facilitating muscle growth. The athletes do push ups as a part of their everyday warm ups before they hit the ground for their practice. Also, all those who have been a part of the gym know how important the push ups are. So the question now is, is there just one type of push up that we can do? Can we not try doing a bit of variations in push ups? If yes, how can we do those? Here are the answers for all these questions:


Types and Variations

The Standard Push Ups

Before trying on to the advanced and modified push ups, it is mandatory to be good at the standard form of push ups. For the standard push ups, place your feet and your hands on the feet, slightly wider than your shoulders. With your head steady, and no movement of your mid-section, try to push yourself up and then again go down. This completes your one rep. Continue doing the same till you can do it comfortably.

Try with a Wider Grip

With a similar basic shape as in the case of standard push up, place your hands a slightly wider and do the same pushing up action. This is the wide grip push up. This push up variation works on your chest and back and is a multi-joint push up variation. Do not spread your elbows too much!

Incline a bit, Incline Push Up!

As the name suggests, place your hands on an inclined platform and perform the standard push ups. Inclined push ups are easier to do. The lower the incline is, the more is the pressure and the tougher it is to execute. All you need to do is push up against anything that is higher than you. You can use a table, a chair or wall.

Now, Decline!

In this variation, make sure your feet is at an elevated height. This type of variation is again an easier one to do. This helps you in shaping up your muscles. This is a risky exercise to do as it stresses a lot on your wrist and you might end up hurting yourself.

Do it the Military Way!

In this variation, the military push up, all you need to do is place your hands right below your shoulders. This one stresses your shoulder joint and increase your strength and endurance.


Basically there are two types of clapping push ups. One of them being front clap push up and the other is back clap push up. Front clap push up is more of something that is meant for the military people. In this, you are supposed to push yourself above the ground and while you are in air, you clap by making your hands meet right in front of your stomach; when you get down, you again push up yourself off the ground and repeat the same. The back clap push up is similar to the front clap. The only difference, as the name suggests, is that while you are in the air you clap behind your back. Make sure you have a softer surface while trying this!

How bout a Diamond Push Up?

Place your hands close to one another and try making a diamond shape with your hands. This variation is called as the tiger push up. This helps you in developing your triceps. This is a very handy push up variation and makes you even stronger. Make sure your index fingers and thumbs are touching while you try to get diamond shape. However, this puts a lot of pressure on your wrists. So do not try to overdo it.

Do it with One Arm!

For doing this variation, you need to have a very wide base. This is to ensure you have a very wide base. The basic transformation in this variation is that you should try doing the push up with just one hand. This is very tough to do. Even the best at the gym are unable to perform it fluently. You should be very strong to lift your body weight with just one hand.

Isometric Push up..slow..really slow!

In this variation, you go up slowly and count till 10 slowly and when you come down, you again count to 10 slowly. This increases stress on your body and enhances your strength. It is very good variation for those who wish to get some serious strength.

push ups

Staggered Push Up

The basic idea behind doing staggered push up is giving more stress to one hand. You keep one of your hands at a lower level than the other. This increase stress on one hand compared to the other. And once when you are done with it, do the same with the other hand being at lower level.

There are many more variations available. These were just a few. Just make sure you do push ups as these help you build your abdominal muscles, triceps brachii, pectoralis and many other muscles!

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