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Few Tips for Perfect Shave!



There have been lots of articles on beauty tips and all sorts of tips for women lately there are hardly any articles related to men. Women would be thinking why men need tips? Don’t they deserve to look all good and handsome? Come-on we are not that selfish if there are no good looking men out there, whom will you, date girls? So here I am with yet another beauty tip article but for men this time. It is more of shaving tips though, 10 basic tips for a perfect shave. Many boys after a certain time period there is a necessity of shaving. Especially this necessity occurs when you want to go out for a date or maybe a boardroom meeting. If you do not want to get cuts on your face, help is at hand with my following guide to get a grip on your shaving skills. You might be thinking what skills does one need to shave but if you want to avoid the razors mark on your face and want a clean face after shave you need to have a perfect hand grip on this thing or you may end up with messy look on your face. There are few things which you should have with yourselves before shaving in your shaving kit and they are as follows:


  1. Exfoliator : helps to remove dead skin
  2. Pre-shave oil: ads extra layer of protection
  3. Shaving cream/soap: to make a good lather for shaving
  4. Shaving brush: go for the best shaving brushes made with badger hair.
  5. Safety razor: to protect you skin and avoid cuts
  6. Aftershave lotion: helps to disinfect you skin and pores after shave
  7. Skin moisturizer
  8. Clean towel and tweezers.

So here are some of the tips as followed:

  • Foremost thing is that you need to exfoliate your skin before shaving. Rinse your face and scrub it well with a good quality exfoliator (scrub) on your skin. It helps you to get a smooth base by removing all the dead skins on your face.
  • Make use of warm or hot water or wet towels to open up the pores: preferably you should take a bath before you shave but if you are in hurry you can splash some hot water on your face or you can keep wet towel for a minute on to your face. It makes your skin soft and opens up the pores leaving it easier to shave off.
  • If someone is afraid of razors you can make use of pre shave oils, it ads extra layer of protection to the skin. It saves you from the cuts leaving the skin moisturized. Make use of thin pre-shave oils as thick one may block the razor from smooth shaving.
  • Always apply good quality shaving cream to your face. As it helps in moisturizing and lubricating the skin and hair, and also helps in preventing it from roughness which might be caused by using razors. Apply the cream in a circular motion. Better use a shaving brush as it helps to lift up the hair making it easier to shave.
  • Not only good quality shaving cream is required but you also need to have good quality razor too. Always go for razors with sharp blades and blunt edges to avoid rashes. It is said that single blade razor helps for a clean shave than of double blade razor.
  • Starting from your cheek area come down to your chin following the direction of your hair growth. Hold your skin tight in the opposite direction and make use of short and firm strokes. Wash off the razor after every short stroke. Go for chin later as till then it smoothers the hair for a better shave. Even for the difficult areas like under the nose and lips keep it for later.
  • Take time but always go for the direction of growth of your hair. Going against the growth my cause rash and in-growing of hair. So better take care of this thing.
  • Rinse of the remaining cream from your face and make sure there are no hairs left behind. Preferably keep check around ears, nostrils and lips. If you have missed any parts go for the same steps again, even for the close shave repeat the same step again.
  • After everything is done you need suitable after shave lotion. Once you finish you shaving rinse your face off with cold water. Wipe your face with clean towel, don’t rub it just dab it on your face. After that apply after shave lotion that suits you. It helps to close the open pores and also to reduce the redness and burning of the skin. Those with sensitive skin should go for the lotion which has less content of alcohol.
  • Shaving takes away the essential moisture from your skin, so after you are done with all the above stuffs apply a good quality moisturizer. Moisturizer helps to keep your skin supple and useful and helps to keep the essential oils intact in your skin.

Hope you were helpful with this tips. Thank you!

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