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Tips to improve your resume


Most of us have always have a problem getting the right job. Either we end up in a job that does not have the right job profile or we end up doing a lot of work and get inadequately paid. When we apply in a company there are a number of procedures and criterion on which we are judged not once or twice but repeated till we sign the final offer letter. Most people are not aware of this and feel that the only times they are being judged is the group discussion stage or the personal interview stage. But what exactly are we judged upon if it is continuous. Or rather how do they judge us? Always remember that one of the first ways people observe you or get to know about you is your resume. It is the document on basis of which you are judged and that is finally what will provide you with the best job. The resume is the most important document that is handed over to the company officials. One of the reasons for this is because it is a written proof of itself and the most important part of it is that it is provided by you. It is not based on any biases held by people; it has to be completely true and hence is very important. On every stage, you must stand through every point written on it and hence is the only way they can check you honesty and know what aspects to judge you on. So one of the most important aspects for applying for a job is to have a good resume.

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But most people have problem in deciding what to write on their resume and what not. What would make their resume look more interesting or what should be done to make it look unique. Another problem that most people face is whether to make the resume  more attractive that people remember it or to make it simple so that it adds a corporate feel to the resume. What to show and what not to?

The dilemma continues. So for beginners, the most important things in a resume are the layout and the opinion it creates about you. The layout of your resume and the design must be simple. Do not add bright colours or classy and stylish fonts. Keep it as basic as possible. Use the already present fonts in Microsoft Word in your resume like Calibri. The colours should be as minimum as possible and even if you have to use them, use colours like gray, dark blue or black. Do not use colours like light blue, yellow or orange. This just adds a more hippie like look to your resume. Do not write anything in coloured fonts. Not even headings. This is because most people will take a printout of your resume and if the printout taken is in black and white, some parts of it may become illegible. This could be a major setback to the document.

Next, always keep in mind the job description for which you are applying and use this to decide what to write in the resume and what not to. It is ok to have a few versions of your resume and not have a generalized resume for every company in which you apply. For example, if you are good at writing, have good oratory skills, a little good at marketing and know the basics of computers; and you want to apply for a content writing job- trim the parts about the marketing and oratory skills. Let the writing aspects of the resume remain and the part about the computers as you might be using computers for most of your work. This could help as people do not generally have the time to look through everything so they will look at most of the important parts that are related to them and also because it will make you appear more focused.

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The next things to concentrate on are the subtitles and sections. The basics include including all your academic records. Include your 10th your final graduation score. Do not include intermediate scores like 2nd just stupid to do so. The next thing to write is all your internships. Internships hold a very important and 12th value to you. It not only shows that you have worked on some topic earlier but shows that you have received exposure to the industry beforehand and hence it would take less effort for the company to train you to get accustomed to the work. Any internship is as important as all the others. In this you do not need to trim the ones of the different field as internships mainly show your dedication and perseverance in the industry. The next thing to include is your projects. If you have done any form of project in any internship or have done any project under a professor in your college, state it that too with a lot of importance as it shows that you have taken deep interest in some topic and know that topic if not everything else. These are the most important parts. Also, try stating any clubs or departments for which you have worked at your college as it shows your leadership skills which are being looked pon by a lot of companies these days.

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