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Tips for Indian WAGs during FIFA World Cup



The FIFA World Cup season has started, and guys (even gals) around the globe (including India) are all set in their couches, with chips, chicken and beer beside them, to cheer their favorite team (or player) throughout this month-long football fiesta. While guys have always followed this beautiful game, the excitement that comes along with the World Cup has also enchanted the girls of our country (even those who only love their daily soaps and romantic movies), who are equally exhilarated to support their favorite team… ehh… player?!

But, it doesn’t matter if they are watching the Cup for just Ronaldo, Messi or Suarez, what matters is their desire to watch this game sitting next to their boyfriend. But girls, don’t consider this a date, because if you’re thinking that your boyfriends or husbands are going to give you any of their attention during the game, then I’ve got some bad news!!!

But, you don’t have to worry about it, because I’ve got some really helpful tips for you on ‘What to do’ and ‘What not to do’ while you are watching the World Cup with your boyfriend/husband.

1. Do Not ‘Touch’ the Remote


Yes, we know how much you like watching your favorite T.V. soap operas and romantic movies, but when your boyfriend/husband is watching the game don’t even think about taking the remote control from him. Even if his team is winning or even if it is the half-time break. Because guys do/watch the game analysis during that time.

If he has went to the bathroom during that time, then you can surely watch the T.V. for around 20-30 seconds, but do make sure you switch back to his channel and place back the remote where it was before he returns. And, don’t lose your mind when he also watches the highlights of the game he has already seen, and don’t suggest him alternatives like YouTube either.

2. Support HIS Team


We know how much you love Ronaldo, but if your partner is supporting Argentina and Messi then don’t even think about the Portuguese. Don a Argentinian ‘Blue’ jersey and say you love Messi and hate Ronaldo if you want to get a smile on his face.

Real football-crazy guys have even jeopardized their male friendship over different team loyalties, and we are certain that you wouldn’t want to lose your man over your stupid infatuation with Ronaldo. Unless, you ARE getting Ronaldo in exchange, and Irina Shayk is fine with it.

3. Your Family Doesn’t Exist for Him


It’s the World Cup season and during this time there is no such thing in the world that would exist for your guy except for his team. And sadly, your family won’t exist for him either. So, make sure there are no marriages, anniversaries, deaths or new-born babies in your parents’ family side until July 13. Even if there is any such thing then don’t bother your partner with it, and leave for the occasion alone. He will probably love the solitude in the house even more.

4. Don’t Try to Distract His Attention


Forget the word ‘Romance’ while watching the game with him. Remember that during the game, only his team is his beloved wife, girlfriend and mistress and nothing, and I mean NOTHING, can come between him and his team. So, don’t try to get his attention with any of your secret romantic charms, you just won’t get him. Even the biggest charm in your arsenal would fail to get his attention. You CAN try to come close to him when his team scores, though.

Also, don’t distract his vision. Don’t annoy him with mopping or cleaning the room while he is watching the game. If you are about to walk to another room, then do anything except for walking to get there. He won’t like anything coming in between his sight and his Television.

5. Don’t Talk


Ssshhh… and that’s it!!! The only source of voice (or noise) in the room should be the Television. Don’t bother him by pointing towards the T.V. and asking “Who is that guy?” or any guy. If you are really interested about player names, then watch the telecast from the beginning where they show the starting line-ups. Also, avoid asking any silly questions, such as “Why is Ronaldo playing for Portugal, didn’t he win the 2002 World Cup with Brazil?!”

6. The BEST Advice


Because we Indians live in a far-ahead time zone, the matches will be broadcasted during and after the midnight. So, It’s advised that you girls sleep early and don’t wait for your guy to join you in the bed. Most probably, you’ll doze off even before the kick-off. You might also have sleepless nights, because his friends might join him in your house and cheer their time louder than the club music. But, don’t get annoyed because your man will love if you welcome them with a sweet smile and don’t crib about the noise and the house getting all ‘messy’. Rest assured, they will probably leave before you wake up.

With these golden tips set in your mind, I am assured, this World Cup season is going to be great for you.

Happy FIFA World Cup season, girls.

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