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7 Tips To Dress Slimmer


It’s not just about wearing the hottest brands and just donning all the fabulous clothes. The last touch that you need while dressing up s a tinge of confidence. Last, but the most important element of dressing well. Your most expensive dress might just fail to do wonders in making you look immaculate if you don’t feel confident in it. There are a lot of reasons as to why you might not feel confident in what you’re wearing, the most common one being – worrying about your weight and problem areas. Thinking about how fat you look and how you should have worn something that didn’t reveal so much of your imperfections. You feel conscious about how you look and it soon spoils the whole process of dressing up and enjoying it. Now there are simple tricks that celebrities swear by and they actually work. Believe it or not, they do. Here are tips for you to dress slimmer and smarter and stop worrying about your weight issues.

1) Black from head to toe

Old is gold. This one trick is known all around the world and fashionistas have been exploiting this trick for a really long time now. The trick is simple. Black is one hell of a tricker. Wearing all black creates a vertical line which tricks people into believing you look slimmer than before. Wearing all black does not distract the onlooker from the vertical line and that creates a greater illusion that makes you look thin. Not just black, this trick can also be tried in other solid colors. Make sure the colors you choose are dark and avoid pastel and pale hues.


2) Embrace body shapewear

You must have heard about these body shaping two pieces that smooth out bulges and give a really toned look. Kim Kardashian wears it, where else do you think those flawless curves come from? Celebrities have been seen wearing shapewear for a more flawless look. The beat part is, they are comfortable and really work. It’s not like shapewear uncomfortably pressurized body fat or magically helps you shed off pounds. The fabric is thin and it sticks onto the body without making you feel uncomfortable and look ugly and immediately attract unwanted attention towards your problem areas.  Belts with huge buckles are also so 90s. A thick belt with a rather outrageous buckle will cut you into two halves which will make you look bulgy. Opting for skinnier belts will help you define your natural waist and in a way that would really compliment your body type. And if you are heavier on the bust, then never opt for huge belts as it will only make your bust look bigger.


4) Wearing jewelry the smarter way

Wearing jewelry can take away notice from your problem areas. But don’t just stack on them just because you’re fond of them. If you are slightly healthy, wear one piece of statement jewelry rather big in size. To make your neck look longer wear a long necklace. Long necklaces take away the attention from your buttocks and your front portion immediately gets all the attention. If you have meaty arms and want to distract the onlooker from them, stack up on bangles and rings which will grab all the attention away from your arms and make you look much thinner.


5) Wear vertical stripes

After the head to toe black tip, this trick is the second most exploited by the ladies. Vertical stripes work effectively in making you look thinner since they seem to create an elongated illusion making you look taller and slimmer. It’s all about choosing the right patterns that work in your favor. Similarly, horizontal lines tend to make you look wider because of the illusion that is created with the lines going across your body. Vertical lines work wonders in making you slim if they are in the right rows.


6) Shorter the skirt, higher the heels

Right. High and pointed heels efficiently make your legs look taller and slimmer. While wearing a short skirt or anything shorter than the usual short, make sure you wear high pointy heels. Opting for a shoe that has a low cut vamp will immediately trick people into believing you have slender legs.  A pair of shoes that are pointed and have a narrow heel define calves more accurately, hence giving you leaner legs as opposed to squared toe shoes with a block heel that make you look rounder. A lot of celebrities use this trick to make their legs look leaner.


7) Opt for plain denims

Jeans are something all of us have to wear. Make sure your pair of denims is free of unnecessary embellishments or embroidery. Unnecessary bling, like on the pockets or on the sides only grab attention and your problem areas are more visible because they create an illusion that makes the onlooker believe you are bulky. Opt for rather dark jeans with no such decorations, it’ll make you look slimmer and taller.

Mid Rise Skinny Jeans - Dark vintage

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  1. I heard everywhere on the net that the higher the hem the shorter the skirt, but also the opposite, the longer the skirt the lower the heel (or the flatter the shoe), is it also true? It makes sense. Though it depends I think, the balance depends on the waistline. A very high waistline with a skirt below the knee really seems to lengthen the legs and shortens the torso, which might call for the balance of lower heels. Kitten heels maintain the heeled look when lower shoes are needed, it seems. Is it more like the closer the skirt hem to the waistline or top hem, the higher the heels?

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