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The Three Words


Take it as a human tendency that whenever the phrase ‘the three words’ is used somewhere, we always understand it to be referring to I love you. But if that was the case, this article won’t be about mental health but about relationships. Those three words are important in anybody’s life, but so are these three. In this article we would be learning to speak three words that improve a person’s personality, impression and manners and hence, help him to be able to use those three words for someone and expect a positive reply in return as well. Just the three words, the more you use them, the better person you will become.

Personality? Impression? Manners? What could be the three words that improve these qualities of a person’s life? Sorry to disappoint you if you think that they are linked or form a sentence together; they are just random ones. You do use them but not as much as they should be. And truth be told, it’s not even important to speak them – nothing would change if you don’t – it’s just nice. No one would praise or thank you for using them but they will feel good for sure, especially strangers. Now if you are still wondering what those three words are, please give this paragraph another reading and see if you can point them out. The three of them have already been used here once.

Be it a completer stranger or not; learn to say please whenever asking for something. For passing a plate, asking the time, suggesting the meeting place, ordering food or even cheating during exam – always accompany a please with a request. But who says please to his best friend, no? Well, please is used with any request – further specifications such as requesting to whom aren’t mentioned. So whether a best friend or not, learn to use please. It may not create any impression on him but it will surely get you into practice.


The stranger too feels good when you ask him something that starts or ends with please. It is a way of showing him respect. He knows or has something that you don’t and you want it; saying please for it makes him know that you acknowledge his superiority to you in that particular matter and you can’t continue or complete your task without his help. He may help you anyways, but receiving a please for it may just inspire him to provide as much help as he can – which may be more than you want from him, but still could do with it.

Be it a help or not, learn to say thank you after you have asked for someone’s help. After getting the plate, knowing the time, finalizing the meeting place, having the order served or even copying an answer during exam – always say thank you after asking for help. But who says thank you when the other one couldn’t provide the help required, no? Well, thank you is used after asking for help – further specifications such as whether the help was provided or not aren’t mentioned. So whether receiving the help or not, learn to say please. It may not be needed but it certainly doesn’t go waste.

Thank You

Everybody feels good when you thank them for their help. It is a way to appreciate the fact that the person tried to help you with something, whether he was able to do so or not in the end. It says that you are satisfied that he at least tried to. Saying thank you even when the other person couldn’t help you is an even greater sign of appreciation. He feels assured that his inability didn’t cost you much and you are still spirited enough to continue with your task.

Be it your mistake or not, learn to say sorry after you have disappointed someone. For being unable to pass the plate, not knowing the time, disagreeing with the suggested place, cancelling the order or even showing someone wrong answer during exam – always say sorry after letting someone down. But who says sorry when you are not guilty for it, no? Well, sorry is used when you have disappointed someone – further specifications such as whether you could help it or not aren’t mentioned. So whether guilty for it or not, learn to say sorry. It may not be your mistake but it still covers up for it.


People feel better when you say sorry for disappointing them. It is a way to convey that you regret not being able to stand up to the mark they expected from you, whether it was within your ability or not. From answering someone’s request with a no to giving someone wrong information, every situation wherein you let someone down – no matter how marginally – demands a sorry from you. And it’s not only saying it, try to mean it as well because the other person really had some expectations from you.

Please. Thank you. Sorry. Always keep in mind that regardless of how small these words are, they play a large role in showing your nature to those whom you interact with. These are the ones that create a first impression on people and help improve your social circle. So don’t consider them to be small, because someone to say the other three words to may just be a please, thank you, sorry away from you.

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