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Three Technology Free Ways to Enjoy Life


With technology affecting every sphere of life, even the dependence of the entertainment sector on such technologies has increased incredibly. Our life is surrounded by TV screens, mobile phones, laptops and tablets. Whether you are on a holiday or not, most of your hours are spent staring at a screen. Is this what life is about? Think about it!

There are so many other interesting ways to life. And the possibilities for technology free recreational activities are countless. So, the next time you begin to ’while away time’ by playing video games or watching movies, think about what other fun ways you could spend your time in.

Could you perhaps pursue an old hobby? You could learn to sway with the melodious sounds and dance your heart out or maybe let the bookworm in you rekindle the joy of reading and learning. Or maybe you could just let your creative instinct help you make beautiful things and add a little magic to your room.


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Want to experience one of the life’s simplest and greatest pleasures? Try dancing!

You don’t even have to be a professional dancer to enjoy the rhythm. Just let loose and dance from your heart.  And you are sure to have an amazing time. Dancing can also immediately lift up a dull mood.

Dance is one of the most appreciated forms of expression and if you want to take you passion to another level, you could enrol yourself in some dance classes this summer. You will be surprised to learn how much fun dancing can be. The available dance forms to learn from are so many that you’ll easily find the one that will appeal to you! Get dancing with some salsa classes or get fit with zumba, unleash the expressions and feelings within you with contemporary dance lessons or simply learn to move your body to some jazz beats!

Besides being absolutely fun, dance has the added advantage of keeping your mind and body, fit and healthy. Dance your way through to a good posture, increased flexibility and balance, a toned body and loads of confidence.

Doesn’t dancing sound fun to you? I am sure it does. So put on your dancing shoes and don’t forget to dance like nobody’s watching!


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Are you the kind of person who loves spending some time alone? Well, here’s how you could spend your time doing something productive-you could invest time reading! Reading is one of the best ways to learn, grow and enjoy your life. Whether it’s because you can’t go out on a rainy or you simply are not in the mood to socialize, reading is a great way to make use of your precious time.

There is a book out there for everybody. Seriously! The genres available are endless and ever growing. So, start reading and indulge in a world of wonder and imagination.

Don’t read only for knowledge but also for expanding your thoughts.  Once you get into the habit of reading, you’ll realize how truly wonderful it is to read. As Stephen King once said, “Books are a uniquely portable magic”, so be sure to experience this magical land of unexpected happenings instead of whiling away your time on Facebook.


6.7.2014 (3)article3

You are bored and you have nothing to do? Here’s an idea that could rescue you from the impending sighs of boredom. Get crafty and create magic with your hands!

You don’t like how dull your bedroom looks? Bring out your old photos, and decorate the blank wall. Add stylish little lights or maybe just put up some quotes you relate to! Make sure your bedroom defines who you really are. If you don’t like the way how your funky jewellery is scattered everywhere, get them organized. Think of ways in which you can stylishly yet neatly display them in your room.

Let yourself be driven by your creative instincts and experiment with all you want. Try and make some jewellery or dazzle up a pair of jeans, try a few crazy hairstyles or simply fill up your art files!

Unleash the creative genius in you and never get bored again! Learn as you experiment and smile as you succeed.

Here were a few ways to avoid staring at a screen and getting past the boredom. The list could be endless, all you need is to get out there and be determined to look past the technological sources of entertainment! Write, sing, play and act and make life worthwhile. Learn to live and love the simpler life. Be passionate about your talents and let them define who you are. Dance all you want, read till you fall asleep, create till you temporarily run out of ideas. Then begin again! Let your mind grow with experiences like these.

Answering my own question’ Is this what life is about?  I’d like to say, life is not just about technology or about enjoying simple ways, it’s about living life to the fullest and experiencing a mix of complex and easy situations. It’s about being happy and learning different things. It’s about growing as a person and experiencing new ideas.

So, get going and start living life. Life is too short indeed!

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