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Thou Shall Not Cheat!


In this fast pace world, it is difficult to even find what the time is, if you are without a phone or a watch. Then, how can you find someone who loves you truly and unconditionally? Life is going by fast. We drown in a sea of faces. We meet so many people. Some of them we like, some of them we do not even give a second thought about. It is said that we should hold on to that One when we find him or her. But, what do you do if The One is not worth holding onto?

When the society was just a concept that was being newly implemented, the institution of marriage came up. The society was either matriarchal or patriarchal. Initially, marriages took place for only one purpose: A legitimate child. Marriages took place so that the paternity of the child could be established. Does it sound even remotely romantic? No, right? But, that is what happened. Before this institution of marriage came up, the entire ‘society’ was promiscuous. There were no fancy DNA tests to determine the paternity of the child. So, the men could not pass on their property to their own blood. To avoid this situation, the institution of marriage was established. Being tied in the matrimonial knot was done only for determining the father of the child. The wife was generally mistreated. You see, the men wanted a secure option, a mother for their children but no one had the concept of a life partner in their mind. Man has never been monogamous by nature.

Slowly and steadily, as the society developed, so did this institution of marriage. Now, the reasons for tying the matrimonial knot have changed. People want to marry for love and companionship. But, with this fast changing world where the emotions of the people also change almost every minute, it is difficult to find the right person to spend the rest of your life with. So, what happens is that you meet a lot of men, go through the entire process: meet up, hook up, break up, till the time you magically find that one person who makes you want to stay with him forever. Let’s call this person ‘magic man’.

For any relationship to be successful, the foundation has to be that of trust and faith. But, nowadays, people are so flighty. You never know how the person exactly is. If you feel like you are getting distant from your Magic Man, it can be a lot of reasons. We females try to give the behavior acceptable reasons like ‘Maybe it is his work’ or ‘He just had a really bad day’ or ‘He is just really tired’. It might be our fault as well if the relationship is not working. It can be anything. After all, we human beings have a very complex mind. Our actions and reactions, likes and dislikes are just not that same. So, with this article, I want to tell you guys that you do not always have to blame yourself. I know it is a sad and disturbing thought, but if you feel that your relationship is not what is was like before, maybe it is because your Magic Man is seeing someone else and is too chicken to man up and tell you that this just is not working out. Here are a few signs to look out for:

1) He cheated his recent ex girlfriend.

If he has done this once, he can do it before. It isn’t necessary that the guy has to be a bad person to cheat on you. Mistakes happen. But then, if he has a pattern, then I suggest you leave him before he leaves you. His dating history should give you a pretty good idea of the kind of a person that he is.

2) He is a good liar.

Lying and cheating go hand in hand. If he lies easily and flawlessly about the small things in daily life, he would not have any problem hiding that part of his life which he does not want you to know about.

3) Change in phone habits.

If you guys are dating and were in the habit of talking on the phone for hours at night, and that has recently changed, there is a good chance that he is seeing someone else on the side. If you are a married couple and your husband starts spending more than usual time on the phone talking to someone else, it might be a red signal for your marriage. You should know things are pretty ugly when he starts locking his phone or some particular folder in his phone.

4) He is being distant.

If your Magic Man and you do not feel as close as before, then something is wrong. Maybe, when he is on the computer, you are watching TV or when you’re sleeping, he is still awake. These small things that make you feel like two strangers living in a house are enough to tell you that things just aren’t going to work.

5) He is less affectionate.

If he does not like to remain in physical proximity to you, he is mentally far away from you. This may mean that he is getting the required intimacy from somewhere else. Try to talk to him about it. Do not jump to conclusions.

Life is hard. It is harder without that special person. Be the best that you can for the person you love the most. Give him so much love that he just does not find the need to get it from anywhere else. If the Magic Man is cheating on you, evaluate your relationship. Do you think that is it worth saving? 65% of the couples remain together even after one person has committed adultery or exhibited infidelity. Be with the person you want to be with and hope for the best.

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