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Things You Should Never Give Up For A Relationship!


We often see people losing their own identity when they are in a relationship. Any good relationship is meant to strengthen you as an individual as it is a source which gives you a partner who would care for you and stand by you in every situation. But there are cases where we see people getting distracted from this motive. So why does this happen? Relationships are meant to make you stronger; so why does it become a burden for you at some stage of life? This is because you lose your own identity in order to keep your partner happy. It might sound a good idea if you live in a hypothetical utopian world but in reality, this is the worst outcome any relationship can ever yield. Here is the list of things you should never give up in a relationship.


5 Things You Should Never Give Up For A Relationship

Freedom of choice

You love someone. But this has nothing to do with your own freedom of choice. Being in a relationship never comes in with terms and conditions that you should do this and should not do that. If you like to do something, you should continue to that provided you know your actions are right. If you like a particular dress, go grab it. Do not refrain from buying it simply because the same dress is unacceptable by your partner. Your choice is something you will know the best about. There is no one else who can make the choices for you. Nobody knows what you feel at heart, so why let someone else make choices for you? But this does not mean you will ask your partner to gift you stuff according to your choice. (Accept the gifts the way they come).

Your Aspirations and Goals

Never let someone else decide what is good for you and what you have to do with your life. Being in a relationship does mean that you have to share your life with some other person but it certainly does not carry the tag of letting someone change your goals. Your personal and your professional life are two different things altogether. So do not mix and match things. It is only going to confuse you! This is not an uncommon sight. I have seen individuals deny their foreign scholarships just to be with their partners and what do they get eventually? Nothing. Very few people stay happy after that. Most of them break up. They realize how foolish they acted by denying such an opportunity!

Self esteem


The most prized possession of any individual is their self-esteem and self-respect. Most of the times when you are going through a rough patch in your relationship, you may face situations when your partner may question your self-esteem and your character. In such situations you should proudly stand by your corner and take a stand. Never let anyone tell you that you are inferior; even if the person is your lover, they still don’t have any right to question your self-esteem. Even if you have committed mistakes in past, you know you won’t repeat it. So why discuss the same all over again? Do not let this point be the point of debate between you and your partner because this certainly will lead to a conflict in which your self-esteem will be targeted!

Friends and Family time

Being in a relationship is a good thing but compromising with your friends and family time is certainly not. How often do we see people struggle to keep pace with their partners because of this? Do not be startled; there are people who ask their partners to stop talking to their friends or at least some friends, mainly because of insecurities. This is not the right way to go. The ones who ask to do this are wrong but the ones who give in for such demands are the culprits of bigger sins. Ever wondered who would you turn up to when your partner betrays you? Will there be any friend left if you stop talking to them midway and later when you need them, you will text them again? This sounds ridiculous. So the point of the matter is, never ever compromise on your family and friends time. They are your treasures for lifetime.

Your own identity


Lastly, but certainly the most important aspect of this particular story is to maintain your own identity. Consider an example of guy with thick beards and round neck tee, something that he is known for. He gives up on his tee and wears polo for his girlfriend. His girlfriend then demands him to shave off the beard. He does that and later the girl leaves him saying he has changed. How pathetic will the situation be? Think in the same lines and try to understand the greater meaning of this context. Most of the times you do so many things just to please your partner and end up losing your own identity in this process. You are left with nothing with you. The moment you start getting influenced too much with your partner’s choices and likes, you lose your own path of discovering oneself. Never ever let anything or anyone change the person you are.

This is how the world works. Never give up on things you can’t live a day without.

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