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Things to learn from Jay Z

Things to learn from Jay Z
Things to learn from Jay Z
“I was forced to be an artist and a CEO from the beginning, so I was forced to be like a businessman because when I was trying to get a record deal, it was so hard to get a record deal on my own that it was either give up or create my own company.”

Jay Z is an icon in Hip Hop. He has been in the game for about 19 years and is still going strong. A rapper’s peak time is considered to be 3-4 years. But, Jay Z’s career shows that a rapper’s career can have longevity. As a rapper, his skills are flawless. He is one of the few rappers who don’t use a pen to write. His lyrics and storytelling ability, along with his dense flow, make him one of the all time greats. Despite being a great rapper, Jay is a very shrewd entrepreneur. He has a net worth of about $600 Million. A 11 time Grammy winner, There’s a lot we can learn from Hov. Here’s the list-

Dream Big. Start Small. And start with whatever you have.

As a kid, Jay Z was always intrigued by Hip Hop music. He didn’t have a boom box or mic to practice his craft. So, he started making beats by banging tables and rapping over them. He began at a very young age. Later, when he grew up, it was tough for him to find labels that can launch his career. He was turned down by many. So, did he quit? No, he, along with a few friends, started his own record label. You can’t wait for everything to be perfect before you start, you have to make a move with whatever you have.


When you have a burning passion for something, go out there and work for it. Jay Z and his friend used to lock themselves in a room and practice rap. Jay used to annoy his siblings by banging the tables and chanting raps. But, his mother saw in him a burning passion. This led her to gift him a boom box for his birthday day. So, when you are really passionate about something, people around you will help you as well.

Stop Running your mouth

Jay Z always knew that he wants to be a great rapper. But, did he go around talking about this in front of his friends and family members. No, he kept it to himself. See, when you go about talking about your dreams, most people, out of jealousy or anger, may say something to discourage you. So, it’s better to keep the things to yourself and work hard in silence.

Bounce back from Rejection

Jay Z was turned down by most record labels. So, did he give up on his dream of becoming a great rapper? No, he rather opened his own recording company and started making music. Life gives you setbacks but when it does, you don’t have to stop pursuing our dream. Jay Z always used to find one way or another to make his dreams come true. He dreamt it. He believed it and most important, he worked for it.

Have a Stable state of mind

After being successful, it is common for most people to become complacent and don’t hard any more. But, Jay Z has always been stable, in the light success as well. He has rather worked to get better in all aspects of his life. Most people drink or smoke too much after they become successful. Even though Jay raps about expensive booze and champagnes , he is a very light drinker. It is important to keep the stability of our mind intact in all circumstances.

Give back to the society

Jay Z has always been high on charity. He conducted a free concert to promote Barack Obama as the president of America. After the Katrina Hurricane, he donated millions of money to the victims. He pledged to raise awareness among people to save water. His songs are an inspiration to millions of people across the world.

Have an Empire state of mind

‘I’d rather die enormous than live dormant.” This live describes the mindset of Jay Z. He thinks big. He thinks of establishing his own empire. He thinks like a king. Jay Z is married to one of the most beautiful women on this planet, he is one of the richest figures in Hip Hop, he is a legend in what he does. Everything he does is A class. He has an ‘Empire state of mind’.  This is something we should all learn from.

“I’m hungry for knowledge. The whole thing is to learn every day, to get brighter and brighter. That’s what this world is about. You look at someone like Gandhi, and he glowed. Martin Luther King glowed. Muhammad Ali glows. I think that’s from being bright all the time, and trying to be brighter.”



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