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6 Things You Should Absolutely Stop Caring About


“My problem is that i care too much.” From how many people we hear this sentence often? A lot. We all have tendency to think about the end result in advance and then put ourselves in a bad mood. This happens because of OVERTHINKING about everything. We should realize that it is all about the energy we are carrying with us. If we give our energy to overthinking about the things that really don’t matter much then we are inviting misery and fear. We will attract some extra problems that were not there in the first place. We should learn to let go of whatever is no longer serving us. We just need to count our blessings and have faith in our abilities. When you stop caring too much then you automatically head towards becoming the greatest version of yourself. You are surely going to enjoy the process.  Here are some things that we should stop caring about and let them go.

1. Control


It is big reminder that we can not control the external world. What we can control is our internal environment. When we see the world in disharmony, when there is a war, there is pollution, there is noise, we simply can not confront that chaos with chaos because that is going to create more chaos. We have to develop an equilibrium within ourselves to meet that disharmony with harmony because what we can only control is our attitude. Whatever is happening around you, you can’t control it. What you can control is your action and reaction to such thing.

2. What Others Think

what others think

Another important reminder is carrying what other people think of us. We often try to please others so that they like us and we don’t feel separated. We also try to change ourselves to fit into the society and it always bothers us what others actually think about us. But the biggest achievement is accepting ourselves a hundred percent and not trying to pretend what we are not. The key is to love yourself unconditionally and that can only happen when you see that everyone out there is in here, taking place within our minds. So, stop trying to live upto the expectations of society and stop caring what other people think.

3. The Idea of Perfection


This one is another great reminder that the idea of perfection, the perfect body image, the perfect relationship, the perfect diet etc is actually a process. The goalpost is always changing and we always want better than what we have. Many of us don’t have a perfect relationship and just for the sake of that perfection idea, we ignore the small moments with him or her that we can celebrate. Nothing is going to be perfect ever because perfection level always keeps changing. The perfection and searching for it, takes away the fun out of life. We may not have what we want but we have everything what we need. So, stop looking for perfection in everything because you won’t find it.

4. What we don’t have


I don’t have this. I don’t have that. Why we all are coming from a place of lack and always in a survival mode even when our true essence is one of abundance? Many of us use excuses for a lot of things. I can’t do this because i don’t have that. I can’t travel because i don’t have money. But even if we have money, we still may not want to travel because it is all a mindset. “Change your thoughts to change your world.” It always starts with our beliefs and then we step into knowing. “If this happened, things will be different.” What if? Just suppose, you are in Hawaii in front of a beautiful ocean sipping a mango juice, would your life be different? Okay, maybe it would. But that is not the point. The point is that paradise can be created in the present moment, not by thinking about a potential future which hasn’t happened yet or dwelling on the past which is long gone. So, you really don’t need to care about what ifs and start counting your blessings.

5. Failure & making mistakes


We all spend hours, days or sometimes weeks ruminating on these problems that we have created through our mind and guess what these problems are just going to multiply. The mistakes are inevitable in becoming the greatest version of yourself because any so called mistake we are making is only leading us to achieve our greater purpose. It is all part of the grand design. Who tells us that we are failure. Yes. We tell ourselves this and let the voices in our head control us. The criticism we have for ourselves is far more detrimental than what anybody could say to us. So, just understand that making mistakes is just a stepping stone towards the success.

6. Big Regrets


We all have that one person in our life who screwed us over and we always keep imagining what could have been different in that particular situation. Some of us have had a hard childhood and gone through some rough experiences which molded us drastically. The question is have we allowed it to define who we are. It has not been a smooth sailing for the most of us but we should always keep smiling even if things don’t go our way. A life without regrets is a life worth living.

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